Greta Thunberg Grotesk

The New York based Graphic designer Tal Shub designed a new font based on the handwriting of the Swedish 16-year-old environmental activist Greta Thunberg. The new font is called “Greta Grotesk,” and is available for download now.

The font

Based on various photos that depict Thunberg’s activist plates, Shub assembled the letters to design the new font with. Since Thunberg’s letters varied in size, Shub had to align and balance them individually in order to create his designs. Also, some of the alphabet letters were missing from the photo’s that Shub had accumulated, so he had to “invent” those by analyzing the way that Thunberg writes. In this, Shub transferred an element from the letter “R” to design the letter “B,” from the letters “E” and “O” he created the letter “Q,” and the letter “W” was simply made by turning the letter “M” by 180 degrees.

In addition to the 26 letters, Greta Grotesk contains all the numbers and two punctuation marks. You can see pictures of the entire collection on the gretagrotesk Instagram page.


Thus, if you want to use the handwriting that continues to inspire the current generation for yourself, or if you just like to create your own memes in full-on environmental-activist-style, you can download the file for Greta Grotesk here.

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