From this week onward, we will start with a new article series that will list 10 of the best designed websites that we encounter every week. In this, we will specify the characteristics that make the web design attractive, effective, or even extraordinary. We hope that besides simply giving a demonstration of the endless possibilities that crafty web design offers, these lists will also inspire and entertain you and hence boost your creativity.

Kitchens of Uber Eats

Our first website featured is Kitchens of Uber Eats, designed by the acclaimed Australian artist Matthew Abbott. This website attractively displays behind-the-scenes photography of restaurants that deliver via Uber Eats.

Right from the get-go, the typography and layout used in this website express the craftiness of an artist’s work. When you start scrolling down the webpage, the floating pictures give a sensation that reminds of watching fish swim by in an aquarium. Then, if you click to enter one of the mini-blogs on a restaurant, Abbot’s photography transfers the playful chaos of the kitchen right onto your screen. Immediately you get the feeling that these people are not just “doing their jobs,” but that their love for preparing food and satisfying their customers is their true motivation.

Ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sport

Number 2 is a website of the Dutch Ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sport developed to serve a social cause. This is not your ordinary signature gathering website, but one that battles the growing problem of antibiotic resistance in style. Since the Dutch word for signature – “handtekening” – literally means “hand drawing,” every signature is visualized on the background as a scan of a hand accompanied by the owner’s name and profession.

When scrolling through this website, visitors are interactively guided through the various signatures collected thus far. The visualization of the signatures effectively express the personalized element of these drawings and generate a sublime feeling for this cause. This design truly gives the feeling that every single one of these people put their mark on this cause and wants to produce a lasting social impact.


The third website in our list is developed by the photo booth rental company Fotonaut. Upon entering their website, we felt that it perfectly complements their slogan “the most entertaining photobooth in outer space.”

Just like in outer space, this website always has some elements on their pages floating around. Where some pages are characterized by hovering balloons, others will always have one or two stars floating very subtly in the background. The contrast and typography effectively brings out the different elements and feels both playful and relaxing to your eyes – just like you want your photos to be.

The generation

Number 4 on our list is the Swedish blog page “The Generation.” Even though this website does not feature an English translation, the Swedish language does not undermine its striking design.

The edgy and pointy structure and composition of the imagery gives a neat and modern feeling to this custom layout. The elements and pictures flying by when navigating through the website give the feeling of a quick and professional company. Moreover, these moving elements even come back when clicking through the webpage footer.

VP Brands

The next website featured is a fancy product page by VP Brands International, a company that produces all kinds of spirits. If you’re not on, or above, the legal drinking age yet, make sure to just click “Yes” in order to experience this website’s beautiful design.

The intro that follows the legal drinking age confirmation sucks the visitor right into the company’s objective, namely to go beyond simple alcoholic drinks to producing spirits in fashion. The inception-like placement of the images aided by parallax scrolling produce a wonderful multi-layered effect. The 360 degrees experience of the party scene of vodka, the London view of Gin, and the sublime outdoors imagery of Whiskey effectively produce awe-inspiring associations with these products.

Currency Chicago

Next in line is the support gathering website for Currency, a company focused on financial technology (FinTech) that wants to bring their “center of excellence” to Chicago.

The parallax scrolling effects throughout this website are playfully guided by a red focus circle that moves along as you read their pages. In this experience, you will soon notice that Currency has their poetic writing done by an artist. Visual metaphors such as the “Fintech Epicenter” and contradicting – but amusing – phrases such as “Selected Serendipity” exude the feeling that Currency is about to take control of Chicago’s FinTech industry.


The next website to make it to our top list is developed by the Russian company Flatis. Even though this website lacks an English translation as well, its crafty web design speaks a universal language.

This Russian website brings the often simplistic landing page to a whole new level. The constant movement of faded and sketch-like imagery on the background gives the pleasant feeling of constant work in progress. As soon as you start scrolling down, numbers will load onto your screen like they’re written down right in front of your eyes. Scroll even further, and it feels like Flatis’ employees slide image after image right under your nose as if you're already signing a contract together.

Giampiero Cruceli

The next piece of web design artistry is made by Giampiero Cruceli, who has worked for big companies, such as Walt Disney, Ferrari, and Guess.

The attractive typographic style throughout this website is uniform, but the constantly changing colour contrasts perfectly characterize each featured company. Red and black for the intense Netflix experience, the light blue and white colours for the clean teeth of ZDS, and the various shades of Green featuring Nike’s running app perfectly encapsulate the feeling of outside running.


Web design artist Marjoe Bacus explains that he owes the cultivation of his interaction and design skills to Asia’s diverse mix of cultures and experiences.

Bacus’ website has a nice clean and relaxing expression through his dark backgrounds contrasted by white typography. His “about me” page demonstrates that minimalism is capable of having a powerful impact. When clicking on to his case pages you will notice right away that Bacus is capable of producing grandeur, but that the clean style that also characterizes his own main page appears to be his signature style.

Avenir Clinic

The last website featured in our very first list is by L’Avenir Clinic, a Canadian dental clinic located in the French-speaking city of Montreal.

Although the dentist is generally not associated with style and design, this website demonstrates the opposite through its corporate approach. The structure and composition is rather unusual, but this actually helps to make their brand memorable. Their fancy sticky menu with dropdown navigation makes cruising through this website an interactive experience with new elements coming from all sides of the screen.

This was our first list websites that we felt are worth sharing their designs with you. We hope you enjoyed the experience of navigating through these websites just as much as we did! Stay tuned to see 10 more designs coming in next week.

P.S. If you encounter a web design that you feel is worth sharing with the world, please let us know, for we are always open to suggestions from our readers!

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