Another week has gone by, time for our new top list of websites that display beautiful and crafty web design. Let’s jump right in!

Foot Joy

The first in this week’s list is a website by the golf shoe brand FootJoy. When you enter their landing page the clickable header immediately introduces the visitor to the BOA shoe-closing technology that makes the FootJoy shoe special. This interactive header, together with the technical layout perfectly complements the advanced golf shoe that Footjoy sells

Ivan Aivazovsky

The next website is made in honour of the 200th anniversary of romantic painter Ivan Aivazovsky who is famous for his marine paintings. The smoky background that welcomes the visitor alludes suspenseful to the foggy air that hangs above the sea. The music and the black and white oriented contrast perfectly communicate the historic purpose of the website.

Nua Bikes

Next in line is the website of NUA Bikes that attractively promotes their high-end titanium bikes. The faded side menu navigation complemented by the simplistic typography makes the technical layout easy to read. In effect, the web design feels both professional and relaxing at the same time. This website demonstrates effectively that less is more by solely displaying that which matters.

Radio Aktive Film

The fourth website we encountered this week features the appealing design of the Ukrainian film production company Radioaktivefilm. Their impressive video background gives you the feeling like you just stepped into a cinema. In addition, the Ukrainians added a smooth vertical navigation bar with video previews and a few interactive screen changing effects and hence came to a great recipe for first class eye pleasure.

Cedric Pereira

This website is owned by the French interactive designer student Cédric Pereira. His bubbly splash screen complemented by the JavaScript hover effect on his main page playfully allow you to “dive” into his projects. These projects are featured in a more simplistic, yet smoothly designed post page.

Tech Style

This website, developed by Techstyle Fashion Group, effectively promotes their high-value fashion branding platform. The abstract layout, typography, and colour scheme beautifully accumulate to a high-end fashion design that combines style with professionalism

Volleyball Canada

The next website in line brings designers fashion to Canadian Volleyball community. The intro drops the website down on your screen, which then elegantly transforms into an appealing home screen layout. When you start scrolling, you will see the thrill of the Canadian volleyball world unfold right in front of your eyes.

Nike SB Dunk

This website that advertises Nike SB Dunk footwear immediately stands out for its clean and smooth layout. The scrolling effect that flies one shoe after the other across your screen adds just that interactive detail that finishes an appealing web design.


Number 9 in our list is a website designed for the Italian dance school Orsolina28. The beautiful pictures graciously visualize the dedication that this school offers to classic ballet. The white ballet-coloured layout of the blog gives a nicely measured classic touch to the web design.


The last in our list is made by the front-end artist bonhomme who crafted a beautiful portfolio website to demonstrate his talents. The black background contrasted with white typography – which always seems to work well for web design artists – make browsing this website a relaxing experience. The unusual vertical column-like layout, however, adds that unique element to his web design that makes it memorable among many others.

That brings our list, carefully selected for your entertainment and inspiration, to an end once again. As always, suggestions are welcomed dearly, and we hope to see you back next week for another list of awe-inspiring web designs.

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