Due to the whit weekend, this week’s list is published a day later than regularly. Nonetheless, here is another list featuring 10 amazingly designed websites. Enjoy!

Despicable me

The first website in our list is made to advertise the third Despicable Me film. The clear typography and clean white background give a nice calm contrast to the interactive hovering effects that pop up while scrolling. Upon entering the website, the new trailer colours the background; when you continue to “meet the bad (or good) guys,” interactive imagery will entertainingly pop up left and right to introduce us visitors to the various characters.


This website, 24 hours of milk moments, is made in honour of celebrating the 17th Annual World Milk Day. This interactive advertising features fun and clumsy video fragments over a 24 hour grid canvas that give you the feeling of watching a sitcom that lasts an entire day. In effect, this design promotes the feeling that milk can be an ever-present drink throughout the day and that it is fitting for every type of situation.


Number 5 in our list is the gallery website called Before Sixteen. This website is compiled by subjects, creators, and photographers that are “highlighting an invisible conversation between now and art before 1650.” Through the juxtaposition of new images that recycle old themes, patterns, and forms, this website creates a peculiar effect of timelessness or contemporariness, if you will. The zooming scroll effect gives you the feeling that you’re flying through a history of art while the old typography mimics the medieval writing font that is often featured on historic artworks.

Is Jack Wild

This “wild” website epitomizes the focus on personality and playful interaction by Jack, a digital design and web developing student. The clickable bomb explosions chaotically shoot the various projects that Jack worked on across your screen. Although the floating elements become difficult to read, the effect is certainly a playful and memorable experience of functional web design – an effect many designers seek to accomplish.

Color Theory

Number 7 in our list is a beautiful way to teach colour theory (applicable to web design) in a fun and interactive manner. The JS hover effect highlights the beautiful colour splashes that alter their form as long as they remain visible on your screen. Little pieces of theory interactively pop up and change the colour effects of the splash when hovering over the different options. In effect, visitors immediately experience and learn the effects of changing the hue, saturation, or brightness on an image.

Super 16

This website, designed for the Copenhagen film school Super16 elegantly transcends the Danish language barrier. Their design opens with a beautiful compilation of film fragments on the main page background accompanied by relaxing white on black typography. The few carefully selected photos capture the feeling of a group of creative professionals that enjoy working in the varying settings that their field has to offer.

Lucas Bigot

Number 9 in our list is a website designed by the French Interactive and Motion Designer Lucas Bigot. The website opens with a cool loading animation followed by interactive movie-simulation effects when clicking to the next page. The typography has an artistic street art look that fits well with the faded vintage design.

Dan Paris

The last website featured in our list is made by DAN (Digital Arts Network) Paris. This website exudes artistry at its finest: the scrolling runs smooth, the soft audio background helps inhaling the vibe of the content, and the various video animations blend in seamlessly. On top of that, DAN uses funny and vivid storytelling to familiarize web visitors with their creative company culture.

Ending on that high note, we come to the conclusion of this list of 10 artistic web designs. Please let us know if you encounter web designs that are worth sharing with the world, because no one is immune to artistic inspiration or just some casual distraction! Next week we will supply you with another list of memorable and innovative web designs.

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