Weeks fly by, but luckily the innovation within web design has yet to disappointed us. Thus, our weekly top list can keep on inspiring us with awesome web designs for everyone.


The first web design in our list is featured by Vermont, a company that represents premium fashion brands on the Czech, Slovak and Hungarian market. The opening animation with soothing background music blends in seamlessly with the web page, while the subsequent video on Vermont exudes nothing but grandeur. In addition, they also made a cool mouse parallax effect for the “About Us” header which adds just that playful interactive detail that finishes a website.

Type Method AC

Since we often mention “typography” as a design feature that stands out, here is a website where you can play around with typography “kerning” - the distribution of space between letters. A fun feature that this game adds is that it shows a typographer’s solution compared to your solution. This way you can get a feeling for what effective typography use in web design is. If you want to read more on this subject, click here to read our article on typography use in web design.

Liam Ricketts

This website, designed for the London-based photographer Liam Ricketts, demonstrates a beautiful variation on a gallery website. The hanging towel header that welcomes you gives a nice feeling of casual interactive display. The focus effect that illuminates only those photo’s that you keep your mouse on adds a nice highlighting effect, which simultaneously gives the gallery a cleanly organized look. The smooth scrolling and zooming throughout the various works inspires a feeling as if the website is built on rails, and provides for a calm viewing experience.

Kalium Theme

The fourth website in our list is designed by the English multi-functional agency Kalium. Their website exudes a high level of professionalism due to their clean white and black design contrasted by the interactive typographic header. This young team surely learned from the best – like Apple – that demonstrate that minimalism can be a great style in itself. In effect, the website navigates seamlessly with pages that hardly take any time to load because they are not stuffed with unnecessary content.

Marco Giovinazzo

This web design perfectly complements the style of the owner – Italian architect and designer Marco Giovinazzo. The smooth and clean black and white design provides for a beautiful contrast with the colourful pictures that display Giovinazzo’s architecture. The zooming effect on his work headers gradually immerse the visitors into his creations while the navigation effects add some nice extra details.


Lexus uses this website as part of their branding strategy to reinforce their key brand principles: craftsmanship, innovation, and passion. For this, Lexus designed a stunning main page introduction with typography that playfully distorts when you move your mouse pointer through the letters. Upon entering, the visitor is immersed by the captivating moving background accompanied by the floating articles and videos that slowly drift by.

Moods Music

Be warned! As soon as this website by the Italian band Moods is finished loading, it will blast right through your speakers. Designed to advertise Moods' music - a mixture of rock with electronic sounds - this web design gives you the feeling as if you just stepped into a club. The constantly moving colors and soundwave effects that are guided by the music display a cool lightshow, while the letter and text distortions during the web navigation generate a stroboscopic effect.

Future Library

The last website in our list is made for the project Future Library, for which pieces of writing will be submitted annually by a new author until 2114. The web design with the loading animation of a growing tree and the scrolling effect zooming the visitor in and out of time beautifully complement this time loop. The old-fashioned colour scheme plays nicely into the fact that by the time that this anthology is published, the project itself will be an actual vintage product.

Coming to the end of this week’s list, I want to thank everyone for their valuable time and support! As usual, suggestions are always welcome and make sure to keep an eye out for next week’s list.

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