To dive deeper into specific types of web design, this week we created our first themed web design list. The 10 websites that we compiled for this week are picked on the basis of web designs that feature some form of video animation. Let’s get right to it!

Witness Gotham

The first website in our list is made for the TV-show Gotham, a series that features as a prequel to the Batman storyline. Upon opening, a captivating black and white video aided by suspenseful music sucks us visitors right in. Through the various focus shots, all the main characters are introduced and right away you get a good feeling of the mysterious corruption that characterizes the city of Gotham.

Timeshift 165

This website is designed to pay homage to the renovation of the French Delahaye 165, a car built in 1938. After the loading animation reaches 165, intriguing video images introduce this unique car to its visitors like a movie trailer. The highlighting shots that visualize the aesthetics of the car are made just as professionally as the car's renovation. When continuing, visitors can reveal the complete car and even play a racing game that features different “universe” filters that add a futuristic layer to this classic car.


These website’s interactive video backgrounds serve as a beautiful promotional platform for the design and developing artists working at Blacknegative. Their “about” page honours the beauty of nature, while your mouse reveals some of the world’s most famous architectures on their “interactive design” page. They did a great job at keeping the background video as the centre of the stage by revealing most of the content only by mouse interaction.

The fourth website in our list is one of our own creations at Rocket Minds, which we made for the drag racing championship in Moldova. The background video’s distortion effects are inspired by the chaotic energy of the drag racing track, which we sought to transfer right onto your screen. Besides this website, we also developed a complete system to track the racing pilots and to give live commentary of the event. If you want to read more about our project, please click here.

Riad 11

This website is made for the luxurious Riad 11 Zitoune resort in the heart of Medina, which aims to reproduce the Old Marrakech feeling of 1001 nights. The opening video of this website charmingly captures the feeling of the city, while the soothing background music makes you long for the relaxing experience that this resort has to offer. In addition, the various themed rooms have their own background video beautifully introducing the unique aspects of each one of them.

Epok Design

The sixth website in our list features a beautiful promo video for the French company Epok Design. The video balances a stylish mix of aesthetic creation with industrial production. The slow-motion effects amazingly capture the company’s contact details and serve as a demonstration of the fine artistry that they are capable of.

The Hungry Mishka

This website is another of our creations, especially designed for The Hungry Mishka sandwich & burger shop located in our hometown Groningen, the Netherlands. For the introduction video we were inspired by the stylish hipster design that this restaurant transfers both to their food and to their brand. In addition, the video had to capture the unique meal approach that separates them from the regular burger place. If you want to read more about our project for The Hungry Mishka, please click here.

Transformers Movie

This website, designed to promote the new Transformers movie, has cool video imagery integrated all over. The opening features a close-up of Optimus Prime’s eyes that follows your mouse pointer anywhere across the page. Then, all the characters are introduced via short video animations, while the videos page features the various trailers and special feature videos. Finally the CallAllAutobots page features a question-based game that answers with fitting music and dance animations by the autobot Bumblebee.

Loïc Nottet

This web design charmingly captures the talents of the Belgium singing and dancing artist Loïc Nottet. The various categories on this landing page are supplemented by beautiful black and white animations from his video clip. These videos draw a beautiful contrast with the rest of the website, which is simply made in a minimalistic white on black design.

Accademia Del Lusso

The final website in our list is a stunning piece of branding by the fashion company Accademia Del Lusso. The initially distorted animation that becomes clear when you start engaging with their website effectively highlights their personalized approach. The posing model on the background, aided by calming music and artistic typography, creates an intriguing experience with the website and the fashion brand.

With that last piece of artistry we have come to the end of this week’s list. More themed lists will follow up in the near-future, but feel free to let us know if there is a specific type of web design that you would like to see featured next.

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