We are often amazed by web design artistsm for they always keep surprising us with new effects and details or sometimes just with new applications of old technologies. Since we love to share these experiences, we are back again with our weekly list featuring 10 new artistic web designs.

Pro Weltrade

The first website in our list is made by Weltrade, a speculation organization of traders on the FOREX market. This web design beautifully complements the company culture by displaying nothing else but high-class details. The professional video introduction gets you hyped for the market opportunities right away. The traders move very characteristically and look very composed in their classically decorated setting.

Citeco - 10.000 years of economy

Next in our list is a website by the French company Citéco that teaches the history of the last 10.000 years of economics. The web design colouring and setup reminds us of the history school books, but smoother and with interactive navigation. Scrolling down the timeline works like virtual time travel tour back to the very beginnings of economy until you ultimately get back to our contemporary world again.

GBR Design

This beautiful web design is made by the Italian visual branding and performance marketing company GBR Design. The header features a nice bubble effect that moves around with your mouse pointer, while the rest of the design looks clean and professional. Browsing their portfolio projects feels like looking through a list of postcards that charmingly fill up your entire screen when opening them up.

Andre do Amaral

The fourth in our list is developed by web designer Andre do Amaral to promote his work at the website building platform Squarespace. After the fitting rectangular opening, his works are presented by breath-taking headers followed by beautiful designs with telling photos. As a nice finishing touch, Amaral designed the loading animation in the form of a square as well.

1701 Franciacorta

This website is dedicated to promote the Italian wine brand 1701 Franciacorta, which will leave you thirsty just by browsing it. The opening video beautifully captures the art of wine making after which a virtual tour transports you right to the picturesque vineyard itself. The unique navigation panel guides you tastily through the various production processes of these delicious wines.

Fine Folk

This website by the American Myers School of Art advertises the “Fine Folk” that make up their senior portfolio exhibition. This website navigates like a gallery, and introduces all the candidates through a photoshoot and a video animation. This personalized design is aided by short “about” pages for every artist, which feature their specific skills and projects so you can get in touch with them if they have intrigued you.

Echo Brickell

Our seventh website of this list advertises the luxurious real-estate of the Echo Brickell skyscraper in Miami. These homes are probably unaffordable for most of us, for by just marvelling at the perfection in this web design we already get a good reflection of the luxury that this place is built with. The various penthouses and residences all feature a beautiful custom-made introduction video that guides you through these dream-places as if you are their first visitor.

Muse residence

This website also advertises residences in the Miami area, but this time in the Muse skyscraper. This web design, in contrast, features lighter colours that exude an idyllic spa-like feeling rather than overwhelming luxury. There is still plenty of luxury to be found in this high-tech building, however, bit this is presented more elegantly. The website even features a live-cam to transfer this utopia in real-time to its web visitors.

Piero Fornasetti

This web design beautifully memorializes the Italian painter, sculptor, interior decorator, and engraver Piero Fornesetti. The opening animation that changes its colours and patterns upon clicking sucks you right into the artistic experience where his creations dance playfully across your screen. The color scheme with the fragmenting lines mimic the screening of an old film, while the interactive navigation through his history is set-up like a guided museum tour.

The Korner

The last website in our list is dedicated to the French female clothing brand The Korner. This web design features beautiful background imagery of Paris while it stylishly introduces the various clothing looks. The skewed screen and navigation panel on the side of the screen add some nice design details that reflect the artistic dedication that this brand puts in each and every one of its productions.

That was our list for this week! Soon we’ll be back with another special themed design list like we did last week, so we can dive deeper into various specific design elements. If you have any suggestions or comments in the meantime, we'd love to hear from you!

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