What is content marketing?

An essential component of an online marketing strategy is content marketing. Good content contributes to a higher Google ranking, which generates more leads for your organization. Moreover, content marketing creates and sustains a bond with your target audience through which you will increase your conversion rate.

What falls under content marketing?

As part of a strategic marketing approach, content marketing is aimed at the creation and the distribution of content that is relevant, consistent, and most importantly, valuable so you can acquire the customer base that will further your organizational goals. The objective of content marketing is usually to drive customer actions that generate profit, but it can also be geared toward collecting donations or finding business partners or investors for a startup idea.

With content marketing, it is not necessarily about pitching your products or services; it is about delivering that information which positively stimulates your target group. The underlying thought is that if you as an organization consistently deliver valuable information, you will ultimately be rewarded with loyalty from your readers or viewers. This loyalty, in turn, translates into new or returning customers/clients, or those partners or investors that you were pursuing.

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Content marketing to improve your Google ranking

The Google algorithms that make up a list of search are focused on websites with information that is up-to-date. Consequently, in order to improve and sustain your Google ranking, new content should be published on a regular basis. A blog or news page is perfectly suited for this, but also having your on-site texts SEO-ready is very important.

What is content marketing? | Rocket Minds

Content for every marketing platform

At Rocket Minds we go beyond the storytelling of your organizational mission. We help you with an all-inclusive content marketing strategy for all the platforms that can lead potential customers/clients to you. By aligning your content with your organization’s image, together we can make sure that your content is expressed authentically.

It doesn’t matter what your marketing strategy is, it is important that your content marketing is always an integral part of it. Content marketing comes back in all modern marketing channels:

- Public Relations (PR):Successful PR strategies generally focus not on the organization itself, but on that which the target audience actually cares about.

- Inbound marketing: Content is key to driving inbound traffic and leads.

- Social media marketing: Before you can create an effective social media strategy, you have to work out your content marketing strategy first.

- Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The publication of consistent high quality content improves your Google ranking.

- Pay Per Click (PPC): In order for PPC ads to lead to actual conversions, you have to make sure that the content that your ads lead to are of good quality.

Technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Technical optimization is often a neglected element within SEO. Yet, just like any other element, it aids the Google indexing, and thus visibility, of your website.

What is content marketing? | Rocket Minds

How do I score high on short-tail keywords?

Are you ambitious and do you also want to compete for the highest rankings in short-tail keywords? Keep in mind that there is a fierce competition. This means that it will take a long time before your website gets a high(er) position in the Google ranking.

Professionally optimized structure & content

Do you want your website found on a well-thought-out page structure whereby your visitors know intuitively how they should navigate through your menu items? Moreover, do you want them to be enthused by cleverly drafted texts, well-conceived content and fitting photos and illustrations? Then our website content packages are the solution for you!

Content packages
We offer various content packages. Please select one of the options below or contact us directly for more information.
What is content marketing? | Rocket Minds
Basic package
Starting at € 180,-
One page or a landing page content. Up to 1000 words.
What is content marketing? | Rocket Minds
Advanced package
Starting at € 700,-
SEO ready content for a 5 - 10 page website.
What is content marketing? | Rocket Minds
Custom content and strategy
Starting at € 1.300,-
Planning and implementation of a complete content management strategy. You define the scope and focus of the content and we will write SEO ready texts to bring you more sales or stimulate your visitors to engage with your content.
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