Graphic Design and Concepting

Are you looking for a designer for your house style, logo, business card, flyer, poster, brochure or newsletter? Or perhaps a complete branding strategy? At Rocket Minds we have extensive experience with graphical designing and concepting.
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Corporate identity design

If you want to stand out and not lag behind your competition, your organization cannot do without its own powerful brand style. With a unique brand style your organization can distinguish itself from the rest. With a complete corporate identity you will get more than just a logo, for it also includes a website, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, etc., all in your organization’s own brand style.

Logo design

With a good logo you can put your organization on the map in no time. It is important that your logo matches the scope and the vision that you want to exude with your organization. The logo is the basis of your organization’s image and is focussed on creating recognizability and positive associations with the character and core values of your organization.

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Business card

With a business card you can leave a personal impression of the strength of you and your organization, for example during introductions or networking events. In this, a business card is a convenient way to leave your contact details in a personal manner.

Brochure design

A brochure is perfect if you want to tell more about your organization and its products or services. A brochure usually consists of multiple pages, which offers the possibility to give more detailed information and explanations. By designing your brochure in your organization’s brand style and an attractive layout, it will immediately get a professional outlook.

Flyers and posters

With flyers and posters you can attract extra attention to your organization. In addition to informing the target group, it is best to also add an element of surprise that can reach people outside your target audience as well. If you want to deliver your message effectively, it is important to get your flyer or poster designed by creative professionals.


By regularly sending newsletters, you can easily stay in touch with your customers and/or clients. This way, you can keep them informed on all the developments in your organization and any new products or services that you will be launching. With the right approach, your newsletters can encourage recipients to return to your website more often.

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