Organizational fundamentals: strategizing your brand identity

Devising your brand strategy goes beyond a catchy brand name and a logo. It constitutes the foundation of your organizational existence: What does your brand stand for? What is its vision and what is its mission in the world? What are the means, services or products that these elements translate into?

In, short the brand strategy of your organization involves:

- The identity of your organization: visuals such as house style, logos, and design.

- Your organizational vision and mission.

- Internal and external communication of your organization: how does your brand position itself?

- The products and/or services that your organization offers andthe endeavors that it undertakes.

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How do I devise my brand identity?

In order to devise a brand identity that is strong and effective, it is important that people – primarily your target group – want to connect their identity to you. In this, it is important that they can identify with your organization. Thus, it is important that you explicitly and precisely describe your identity: who are you? What are your drives? This way you can give purpose to all your organizational endeavors and give meaning to the people that connect with it.

When you’re answering these questions, make sure that your brand identity is universally understandable and that it exudes the energy that you want it to do. It’s not about being comprehensive or all-inclusive, it’s about stripping down to the core of your being. This is what you have to translate into your products and/or services and communicate into words, colors, images, and videos to market them to the world.

Organizational fundamentals: strategizing your brand identity | Rocket Minds

What is the significance of my branding strategy?

People like to give you many reasons for their choices, and yet the truth is that they’re expressions of how they feel like. They indeed parse data and read language with one part of their brain, but actual decision making in the brain happens in the same part where feelings of trust, benefit, and loyalty reside. Thus, if you want people to choose your brand over others, it’s important to play into the feelings of your target group. Since your competition is most likely doing or creating similar things as you do, it’s about why and how you do it that sets you apart, and that is the feeling you can convey with your brand identity.

Effective branding works from the roots upward, so that this naturally blooms into the various endeavors that your organization undertakes. These organizational “flowers” each contain an element of the organizational whole that you can connect certain values to. These values will be what your customers and/or clients feel attracted to, which will make them choose your brand over others.

A professional approach to your branding strategy

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Organizational fundamentals: strategizing your brand identity | Rocket Minds