Written by Merlijn Broersma 04 March 2020

Due to a bug, millions of SSL certificates are revoked by Let’s Encrypt. Although they’re trying to e-mail subscribers that are affected by this, they don’t have the contact details of everyone of their affected customers. Do you want to know if your SSL certificate is revoked? Request your free check with us now and we will help you to make sure your website data remains secured.

When will I encounter this problem?

Let’s Encrypt plans to finish the revocations of the 3.048.289 affected SSL certificates before 5 March, 2020 at 03:00 UTC. In order to meet their deadline, they will start the revoking process today (4 March, 2020) at 20:00 UTC.

Is my website not secure now?

SSL certificates are there to encrypt the data that is entered by website users, which can only be decrypted by the server that the website is hosted on. Thus, SSL certificates ensure that users can safely enter (personal) data without running the risk that this data is readable for someone else. This improves a website’s reliability and hence fosters more user trust. Besides securing information, having an SSL certificate also improves a website’s Google ranking compared to websites that do not have one.

How do I secure my website?

So, without an SSL certificate, there is no encryption of user data, which makes your website data vulnerable for hackers or data leaks. Is your Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate revoked or don’t you have an SSL certificate yet? Contact us so we can help you out with this.