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With a CMS (Content Management System) you don’t have to worry about the technical part of the website so much. A good CMS aids your website visibility, is easy to expand, simple to maintain, and user friendly; it allows you to change the content of your website in an intuitive manner. There are various CMSes available, so it is important that you inform yourself well before you make a choice.

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What is a CMS

A CMS (Content Management System) is a system with which you can administer your website in a user-friendly manner. WordPress is the most famous CMS example and offers many possibilities, especially for content-oriented websites. However, when it comes to building a portal where company-specific solutions are required, a “one-size-fits-all-CMS,” such as WordPress, is an obstacle to the development of specific functionalities. Furthermore, such open-source CMSes come with security risks and higher maintenance costs, which is why we recommend a custom solution for most websites.

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When do I need a custom CMS solution?

As long as standard CMS functionalities (like those of WordPress) are sufficient for you, then an open-source CMS offers a cheap and accessible way to develop a content-oriented website. But when organization-specific functionalities are necessary, then the costs of adjusting a preprogrammed CMS can run up rather quickly. Therefore if you know from the very beginning that you will need custom functionalities or if you want to create a custom portal, then opting a custom solution will save you a lot of time and money.

Security and updates

CMS-systems like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla! operate both on a server and in the web browser. The downside of this is that it forms an easy target for hackers. The moment that a hacker breaks into such a CMS (of which the code is public and thus anybody find its vulnerabilities), it automatically enables the hacker to break into all the websites and computers that are running on this system. The consequences can be huge when confidential data is stolen or made public, for example. Therefore it is important that you continuously update an open-source CMS-website to the latest version available.

However, this is another downside of WordPress and similar CMSes. Updates and maintenance generally costs more. For example, if we take WordPress and a custom CMS, both WordPress and the custom CMS need to be updated to avoid compatibility issues. However, updating is often not a smooth process: a website can (temporary) become offline and customizations to the CMS which enable services, such as finding secure client data, can be lost. In such cases everything needs to be restored or redeveloped from scratch. These problems are avoided when you work with a custom CMS, because you are not working with a central login of a CMS, but with your own individual login instead.

Modules of the Rocket Minds CMS

Many companies are hesitant when it comes to custom solutions, for they imply that all functionalities have to be created from zero. This would require a lot of time and money, but the Rocket Minds CMS offers various premade modules that usually cover most basic functionality requests. Think of a multilingual website, images and video embedding, reviews, service pages, and pricing lists. These functionalities can be enabled or disabled based on your needs, and they can even be customised in the code if needed. In addition, our platform offers a lot of flexibility to create new custom functionalities that are specifically designed for your website.

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