26 December 2022
Innovation in the Welfare System of Municipality Zuidhorn

Two years ago, the Forus Foundation, together with Rocket Minds as part of the development team, started automating subsidies for the Groningen municipality

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18 August 2022
What Are the Panda and Penguin Algorithms?

Google uses various algorithms like Panda and Penguin to ensure that high-ranking websites are not only free of spam but also contain “high quality” content.

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03 May 2020
Partnership between Forus and Rocket Minds

What started as the winning team at the Dutch Blockchain Hackathon 2017 has evolved into a partnership that automates processes for the Dutch government.

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16 March 2020
How do I create the best meta titles for my webpages?

Your “meta title” or “title tag” is your webpage’s clickable headline that search engines display in their results list.

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05 March 2020
User Interface (UI) or User Experience (UX): What Comes First

Although there is a clear answer to this question, it often depends on whether you ask the developer of a product (e.g. website, mobile application or online...

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04 March 2020
3 million SSL Certificates Revoked by Let’s Encrypt: Get yours checked now!

Due to a bug, millions of SSL certificates are revoked by Let’s Encrypt. Request your free check with us now and we will help you to make sure your website data

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02 March 2020
What to consider when budgeting your application

Let’s start with the inevitable first: identify the industry that you’ll be operating in

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15 February 2020
Technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization): 10 Easy Tips & Tricks

Technical SEO is not very complex and by keeping a few things in mind, you can easily improve the SEO score of your website and/or application.

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10 January 2020
What Are the Costs for Making a Website?

If you have a look at various web designers, then you’ll notice right away that their prices can vary enormously – where do those differences come from?

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04 January 2020
Guidelines For Developing an MVP

Regardless of how genius your product and/or service is, the thing that people fall for is what you stand for and how this led you to developing your idea.

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24 October 2019
Why Should I Get a Professionally Designed Business Card?

Formal, serious, and professional? Or rather informal, playful, and personal? Or perhaps even a combination of various characteristics.

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19 October 2019
What Is a CRM and How Can my Organization Benefit from it?

A CRM (Customer Relations Management) system is a software program that tracks all data related to an organization’s communications, ,customers and operations.

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14 October 2019
MVP: The Best Way To Lead Your Startup To Success

Why should you choose to start with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) instead of developing a complete app right from the start?

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03 September 2019
GDPR: What Is it and What Does it Mean for Me?

The GDPR was put in place to give people control over their own data. Consequently, you now have to give consent before an organization can use your data.

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16 August 2019
Forus Foundation and Rocket Minds Win Award for Gemeente Zuidhorn at Computable Awards 2018

The municipality was nominated together with the Ministry of Finance, the National Police, the province of South Holland and the municipality of Enschede.

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14 July 2018
What Is Website and App Maintenance and Support?

This service offers back-up and up-time guarantee, time-effective responses on all questions regarding the website and/or, and higher priority on fixing bugs.

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03 May 2018
The 14 Best Websites for Free Stock Photos

There are many people, organizations, artists, and studios that offer beautiful stock photos without any license restrictions for free!

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30 April 2018
Typography Use in Web design: 10 Beautiful Typography Websites.

Typography is the art and technique behind the arrangement of letters, words, numbers, and other symbols.

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16 March 2018
Web Applications vs. Websites

A question our clients often ask is: “What is the difference between a website and a web application?"

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10 November 2017
What Do I Have to Test Before my Website Goes Online?

This article describes the essential steps for testing your website and/or application before it goes live for the world to see and use.

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26 August 2017
Why Do I Need Branding?

Many businesses overlook the full potential of a brand and what they can accomplish with it. So, what sets a brand apart from a logo?

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20 July 2017
What Are Color Swatches and What Role Do they Serve?

The color swatch of your brand or website will subconsciously define its attractiveness. Each color has a specific psychological effect.

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21 June 2017
Best Apps for Communicating and Collaborating for Remote Teams

In our digital age, collaborating with other people on a project does not require everyone to be in the same space anymore.

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14 June 2017
Drowning in Problems – The Game About the Irony of the Choices in Life

The creator of Minecraft, Markus Notch Persson, has created an ironic simulator of life in a 48-hour competition.

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10 June 2017
What is an SSL Certificate and Why Should I Buy one?

An SSL-certificate encrypts all the data that you send to a website server. Besides protecting your data, it also increases the SEO score of a website.

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18 May 2017
Job Festival Keynotes 2017. RDW: The Changing Role of RDW in Automotive Opportunities

RDW's keynote speaker talked about Intelligent Transport Systems and how these systems regulate how intelligent cars behave in an intelligent infrastructure.

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16 May 2017
Job Festival Keynotes 2017. IBM: How to Win a Hackathon!

IBM's Keynote speaker explained that the trick to winning a hackathon lies in constantly going back to the core question of what exactly you're trying to solve.

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13 May 2017
Job Festival Keynotes 2017. Quintor: The First Steps in Machine Learning

Over the course of half an hour, Quintor's keynote speaker was able to give us a summary worth an entire AI bachelor study.

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12 May 2017
Job Festival Keynotes 2017. Part 1: Start of the Day

Last Wednesday, the 10th of May 2017, the annual job festival took place at the Hanze University of Groningen.

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08 May 2017
Job Festival Coming up at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen

Free Job Festival on May 10th, 2017, at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, hosted for the 4th time by the institute of Communication, Media & IT.

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03 May 2017
Content and Photos: Why Are they so Important?

Content and photos help to communicate the ideology and goals of your company. In addition, they aid the Google ranking of your website.

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03 May 2017
#dbh17 - Winners of the Dutch Blockchain Hackathon - Reinventing Government Track

Dutch Blockchain Hackathon 2017 in Groningen, the Netherlands. Rocket Minds was part of the winning team in the Reinventing Government track.

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01 May 2017
How Do I Make my Website Sketches?

For sketches you gather the content per page and decide what each page should show. You can start this either with sticky notes or with a document.

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24 April 2017
Mobile Applications

Smartphones are replacing the PC as the go-to web navigator. This is the main reason to think about how you can reach customers through a mobile platform.

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24 April 2017
Astonishing Miniature Architecture by Joshua Smith

We recently encountered this impressive collection of miniature urban buildings crafted by Joshua Smith - it's so cool that we had to share it with you guys!

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19 April 2017
What Is a “Landing Page” and Why Would I need One?

How do you distinguish a landing page? A landing page has no complicated navigation, no large blocks of text, no flashing banners, and no extra menus.

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14 April 2017
What is Lorem Ipsum and What Is it Used for?

Lorem Ipsum is commonly used as a text-generator in browsers. It is used for testing what a website design will look like or to test fill-in forms.

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12 April 2017
What is Hosting and What Type of Hosting Should I Choose?

Since you can always upgrade to a more powerful server, the most important factor is the quality of the hosting services that are offered.

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10 April 2017
What is Google Ranking and Why Is it so Important?

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) of Google analyzes internet users in order to learn to think like a human who searches for information on the internet.

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07 April 2017
The Importance of a Sitemap

Sitemaps improve your website’s navigation, search engine index, and immediately inform search engines when you make changes to your website.

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02 April 2017
How Do I Choose my Domain Name?

A good domain name helps to easily remember your website. A bad domain name that's harder to remember and thus won't get popular as easily.

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30 March 2017
What Are the Different Logo Variations and What Sets them Apart?

A logo is the primary element that people will recognize. It is therefore important that your logo corresponds with the imago of your business.

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19 March 2017
The Webshop: One of the most Affordable Ways of Doing Business

Webshops are one of easiest and most affordable ways of doing business. You can start selling your products online within no time!

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19 March 2017
The Webshop from a Customer Perspective

Before opening a webshop, make sure to acquaint yourself with the laws that govern distance trading.

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16 March 2017
What are the User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX) and Interaction Design (IxD)?

UI, UX, and IxD form the visual and architectural design of your website. These design elements help your visitors to navigate your website/app intuitively.

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15 March 2017
What Is an Internet Strategy?

When it comes to starting the development of a website the first question you should ask yourself is: why exactly do I need a website?

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14 March 2017
What are Google Statistics? Background: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free online program, which gives you insight into the behavior of visitors to your website or intranet.

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13 March 2017
What Are Cookies and What Are they Used for?

Cookies are small data packages that websites save on your harddisk in order to remember your navigation status on the website.

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12 March 2017
What Does the Cookie Law Entail?

This means for you as a website owner that you have to explicitly inform the user about the cookies that are going to be saved on his/her device.

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09 March 2017
Corporate Websites

A corporate website expresses your organization's purpose and provides comprehensive information about the company to its customers, partners, and stakeholders.

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06 March 2017
Corporate Identity and Branding

If you start a new company, creating a corporate identity that makes you stand out from your competition is essential.

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14 February 2017
About Mobile Optimization and Why it Is Important

Google data shows more people search queries from mobile devices than desktop devices. Accordingly, more people use mobile websites than desktop websites.

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