Mobile Application Development for Android and iOS

Mobile use for visiting websites has grown significantly over the last few years, and this growth has not stopped yet! Consequently, having a responsive website that automatically scales to all devices is now a necessity. However, if you really want to take it to the next level, you can get your own app developed with which you can present your products and/or services even more optimally to your mobile users.

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What is an App?

“App” is short for “application,” a program that you can install and use on your smartphone or tablet. With an app you can buy products, activate a service, or play a game on your mobile device.

Application platforms

Application platforms

These days, app stores constitute the main market to publish new digital products. Almost everyone owns a smartphone nowadays and these are generally used more often than computers. This is the main reason why you should consider facilitating mobile access for your current and new customers and/or clients to your organization

Due to the fast progress in technology - a mobile application can be coded in multiple ways now. The most commonly used codes are the native programming languages of the operating systems: Swift or C for iOS, and Java for Android. When building an app in one of those native languages - a native application - you can easily make use of multiple native functionalities of those devices. However, the downside of a native applications are the costs, because in order to cater to both the iOS and the Android market, a separate application must be built for each operating system.

The best way to prevent these extra costs is to develop a “web-based” or “hybrid” application instead. With new extensive web technologies such as React Native or Ionic framework, applications can be built for multiple operating systems with just one codebase.

Application platforms
iOS apps

iOS applications are developed for all Apple mobile devices, such as iPhones and iPads. A native iOS application can be built in one of Apple’s two programming languages - Swift or C. Keep in mind that the infrastructure and ecosystem of Apple requires you to have an Apple Developer account before you can start developing. Also, on iOS devices you cannot install applications in progress like you can on an Android phone.

Android apps

The environment for Android apps is simpler. There are no real restrictions here on technology, ecosystem or code. However, what makes Android app development a bit more complicated is the compatibility. Where Apple has a limited amount of devices that you will have to make your apps for, Android is an open-source operating system and has therefore no device limits. This means that you will have to do a lot of (compatibility) testing for all kinds of devices and Android versions.

Web-based apps

React Native and Ionic frameworks are increasing in popularity lately. These frameworks allow you to build one app that works on all operating systems (iOS, Android, and even Desktop operating systems). This is possible because these apps run on web-technology and not on native languages. Web-versioned apps contain a regular browser instance inside, which means that you actually open a browser on your mobile device that looks and functions like an individual app.

Do you have a good idea, or do you already have a Startup running? We can help you realise your app concept!

Application development for Android and iOS | Rocket Minds

Professional application development by Rocket Minds

No matter at what stage of the application, idea or business you are, we can always help you to realize your application and publish it in the AppStore and the Play Store. There are several reasons why you could consider getting your own application built.


You have an idea for a new application with the potential of becoming the next big “thing”. This often starts as a hobby or a side project, but very soon you will need professional assistance to guide you through the various development steps. At Rocket Minds we can help you with your market research, planning, consultancy, design and concepting, development, and even your marketing so you can transform your hobby into a profiting business.

Internal use for your organization

Do you need a custom solution for your organization’s internal use? An app that improves certain interactions between your employees or between employees and your organization’s (digital) resources, for example? In our experience, improvements of internal organization processes are only limited by a lack of imagination.

Extension of your current organization

If you already have an organization, online or offline, we can help you to extend it to new markets by developing your own application. This way, you will reach more people and make your business processes easier by allowing your current users to interact directly with your business.

Application development for Android and iOS | Rocket Minds

Concept and Planning

We start with a comprehensive intake of the description and scope of the project. One of the most important elements here is to get a clear understanding of the business model and the purpose of the application.

  • Meetings
  • Research
  • Requirement analysis
  • Technical specification
  • Examples and concepts
  • Business model analysis
  • Concept and wireframes
  • Defining of scope and planning
Application development for Android and iOS | Rocket Minds

MVP design and development

This step is about taking the concept to an actual application that can be installed on a device, and already looks attractive and contains the most important functions.

  • Following the MVP scope
  • Design process
  • Development of the logics of the application
  • iOS / Android app development
  • Iterations of testing
  • Available via TestFlight or demo APK file
Application development for Android and iOS | Rocket Minds

Ready for the market

Once the application is tested as MVP, we can improve and expand it and prepare it for release in the App Store and Google Play.

  • Additional features planning
  • Integrations and improvements
  • Finalizing the concept
  • Preparing all marketing materials
  • Publishing the app in the App Store and Google Play
  • Going live!
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If you’re not sure about the details of your project yet, just send us an email or give us a call. +31 (0)6 156 447 86, If you’re not sure about the details of your project yet, just send us an email or give us a call. or schedule an appointment.