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Hayema Heerd

Located in the picturesque countryside of the province of Groningen, Hayema Heerd emphasizes the primordial and the pure, sparkle and cheerfulness, and seeks to inspire its guests who come for a (business) workshop, an accommodation or to celebrate a festivity.

LocalGroningen is a product with a regional story, meant to let the people discover the unique stories of the lesser-known regions of the north, by gathering together local and artisanal businesses

ESSE Academy

ESSE Academy and Academic Traditions are 2 brands, under the same concept, as part of the Painting school of Anatol Ghimpu. These 2 schools are based in two different locations, Moldova and Netherlands, offering fundamental, professional and academic painting and art courses.

Colors of Speed

The Art of Automotive Heritage, displayed as a selection of the most captivating posters that transform regular walls into iconic pieces of art.

Troc Circle - Fintech

A fintech startup, offering a fully integrated, universal netting solution that streamlines all your invoices.

Forus Platform and Me App

Forus Platform is an online platform for social projects, widely used for municipal services and government subsidies. Recent examples of this are the Child Package, Participation Package and Christmas Packages offered by different local governments in the Netherlands


Rocket Minds was faced with the challenge to create and position the sustainable products of DEUKES under a brand and to give them a chance to become global, by implementing the digital approaches, website, e-commerce modules and branding.

Eat Work Art

More than 5 years of cooperation in implementation of web digital projects, in form of a website, client dashboard and integrations with internal softwares

Drag Racing Platform

A fully automated platform that would completely eliminate the human factor in the pilots’ registration and ranking process. Our platform reads the data provided by the sensors and creates the ranking by using a predefined formula.