Written by Merlijn Broersma 06 March 2017
If you start a new company, creating a corporate identity that makes you stand out from others is essential. In this, it is vital to develop a unique brand identity that will draw the attention from your target group.

There are many ways to do this. Effective branding is part of a well-thought out marketing strategy, and is crucial for the survival of any company. In our contemporary corporate environment, it is almost as important to make your products and services memorable as the actual quality of your products is. This is the reason why the first step that any company should consider is creating a good branding strategy. Many start-up companies ignore this advice, and simply treat their logo and other parts of their branding as an afterthought.

This is a dangerous trajectory and can lead to failure of the startup altogether. Refusing to pay enough attention to the product design and branding will keep a product invisible on a market where the competition has already established their name and brand for a longer time.

The corporate identity represents the strategy, structure, and vision of a company. A corporate identity is primarily defined by a custom logo, but there are also other identity elements that make the style of your company memorable. Other identity elements include:

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