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The Webshop from a Customer Perspective

The Webshop from a Customer Perspective

What to consider when opening your own webshop

Before you even think of getting your own webshop, make sure to acquaint yourself with the laws that govern online retailing. Also, make sure to study the market concerning your product segment thoroughly. Not every product is always in demand, and the popular market segments may already be occupied by other webshops in your region. 

When you have completed this research phase and start the development of your website, there are a few important things to keep in mind. First, for some products you need a certificate to be allowed to sell them, so in that case you have to make sure that you get this before you make your first sale. Then, these days it's a must to offer various payment methods and it is very important to have a structured delivery system for your products. Luckily, most delivery and payment platforms consist of API's these days, which can be implemented quite easily. Finally, never forget to ask for a warranty service from your suppliers before you start making your first sales.

Customer perspective

Since our modern world is constantly speeding up, people value their free time ever more dearly. Although the process of walking from store to store, and seeing and feeling tangible products help to convince customers effectively, more and more people prefer to shop via the Internet, for webshops offer simplicity, speed, and convenience. Hence, a webshop is an excellent business opportunity, for it offers customers a number of advantages:

  • Huge assortiment

    The product range of regular stores is always limited; simply by the physical space the store is built on, or because of the commercial branch it chooses to focus on. In addition, the product range often varies between the different stores of a company chain. In this case, your choice is limited to the physical store you happen to be in. In an online store, however, all the products are displayed simultaneously and can be purchased right away.

  • Convenient choice

    The complete product range is divided into categories and sub-categories. Such a structure provides for a neat overview and allows for fast and easy navigation across the various products. In a webshop, you can choose the desired product, and then proceed to make a selection based on the price, functionality, and looks. This system makes it convenient to judge the best product, for the search and ranking system already lays out the various product features for customers.

  • Time economy

    On average, buying products in an online store takes only 15 minutes. Buying the same product in a regular store takes a lot longer, for there is always travel time to get to the store and to come back involved. Shopping online implies a few seconds travel time (to load the website) and doesn't require clients to look at all the products for they can easily filter what they need; everything can be done from the comforts of home and buyers can discontinue “shopping” at any time and continue the process whenever they feel like. In addition, webshops are 24/7 available and do not close during weekends or holidays.