Troc Circle - Fintech

A fintech startup, offering a fully integrated, universal netting solution that streamlines all your invoices.

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Startup, Fintech
USA, United States
Troc Circle - Fintech
Start of the project

Troc Circle is a fintech startup, where Rocket Minds played the role of A to Z development partner, getting involved in the project from the stage of the idea. 

We did actively participate in all stages of the conceptualisation, planning and wireframing the idea, supporting the team of Troc Circle in development of the first Proof of Concept, being there when they got their first investment round and supporting along the way in development of the real platform. 

The platform Troc Circle represents an extensive netting algorithm, which helps find financial chains and circles in the day-to-day business relations, helping avoiding costs and delays on money transfers.

Key scope of Troc Circle

By helping businesses to get paid through the netting of invoices and at the currency live market rate, Troc Circle removes blocked loops in the economic system. As a result, it returns control over cash flow and capacity to match expenses on time, cancels the FX fees while it prevents delays in business development and penalties or other extra costs that come with business loans or factoring invoices.

In effect, Troc Circle relieves financial stress & pressure from (business) relationships.

Proof of Concepts

The application is suitable for use for any type of business, from SMEs to big corporations. The usage of the app by SMEs and corporations would bring different use cases into account. For the SMEs, the ecosystem counts on an extensive and multiple relations between different SMEs, which would bring a faster quantitative benefit for all the SMEs in the ecosystem, while based on the data analysis for the corporative world (insurance companies, large service providers and economic systems like the football transfer market) - the application has the potential to bring billions of $ as savings for the economy.

Troc Circle | Rocket Minds
Troc Circle | Rocket Minds
Troc Circle | Rocket Minds
Troc Circle | Rocket Minds
Troc Circle | Rocket Minds
Troc Circle | Rocket Minds

The platform had been developed to cover multiple usecases and platforms on which it can run. Thus, we have made it available as a web application, as well as a mobile application for Android and iOS. 

Besides the built-in integration with most common accounting softwares as Odoo, Exact and SAP, it also provides an Open API connection available for third-party integrations and seamless connection with any accounting softwares a smaller company might be using.

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