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How Do I Choose my Domain Name?

How Do I Choose my Domain Name?

Choosing the perfect domain name is not always easy, but it's a critically important element of your website!

A good domain name helps to elevate a website to the status of a “well-known” domain brand. A bad domain name, on the other hand, can make the website drop somewhere to the bottom of the digital world.

Domain extension options

  • Local domain extension (.nl)

    Primarily used for local organizations.

  • International domain extensions (.com, .net, .org, .info, .eu)

    Mostly used by organizations that focus on the international market. If you're committed to this, you can also purchase the full package of multiple international domain names and set up a "redirect-policy" that leads all domain extensions to the same website.

  • Specific domain extensions (.shop, .food, .gallery, .mail, .tech)

    Used to emphasize the activity field of your business

  • Innovation focus extensions (.io)

    Used primarily by (IT) Startups.

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