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Choosing the perfect domain name is not an easy job, but it is a critically important element of your website.

A good domain name aids in elevating a website to the status of a “well-known” domain brand, while a bad domain name can make the website drop somewhere to the bottom of the digital world.

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Here are 7 steps that can help you make your choice for the domain name of your website:

  • 1

    Discover your own organization

    The first step involves getting a comprehensive understanding what your brand is doing, or what you want it to do. Consequently, the domain name can be linked to the idea that you want your brand to exude. This will still be a broad decision, but see it as the first filter in the pursuit of your perfect domain name.
  • 2


    Consider the keywords that represent your organization. These are similar to the tags you would use on your organization's social media page. This does not have to be a core-factor, but it can definitely help to generate ideas for your domain name.
  • 3

    Avoid common words

    By composing your domain name of too many common words you risk getting lost in the long list of similar domain names.
  • 4


    Try to find a combination that is easy to remember, either visually or acoustically. Together with step 3, this will help to prevent that your web visitors confuse your domain name for another one.
  • 5


    Spend some time to check how your domain name will sound in international languages like English, French, German or Spanish (depening on your target audience), and analyze if it has the same effect that you want it to have. If it is an English domain name, make sure that it is easy to read for your local visitors as well.
  • 6


    Do not forget to consider the geographical location of your organization. If your website represents a restaurant or hotel, for example, you could consider adding the name of the city, village or region to your domain name.
  • 7


    Finally, decide on the extension that you want to purchase. These days, there are a lot of extensions for Top Level Domains available.
    Here you can find a full list of the domains currently available

    Try to avoid double domains like Having a double domain will save you a couple of euros, but it will also give off a cheap vibe and appear less “serious,” which can lead to missing out on potential customers and/or clients.

Domain extension options

  • Local domain extension (.nl) – mostly used for local organizations
  • International domain extensions (.com, .net, .org, .info, .eu) – used for organizations that focus on the international market. If you're committed to this, you can also purchase the full package of international domain names and set up a redirect-policy so they all lead to the same website.
  • Specific domain extensions (.shop, .food, .gallery, .mail, .tech) – used to emphasize the activity field of your business
  • Innovation focus extensions (.io) – used primarily by (IT) Startups

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