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Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

The popularity of smartphones has been growing at an astonishing rate

By now, smartphones have even started to replace the traditional web navigator – the computer. This is one of the main reasons to think about the ways you can reach clients/customers through a mobile platform. So, do you have an idea for creating a mobile app and do you want to know more about the possibilities? At Rocket Minds we gladly help you out! 

Before thinking about the development of an app, however, you should first consider what this app can and should do for you. In some cases, a mobile application can represent a complete business in itself, but a mobile app is more often geared toward making the (customer) interaction with an organization more convenient. 

Over the last years we have found that the development of hybrid mobile applications – compared to regular mobile applications – is not only more entertaining, but also ends up being a cost saver. Because hybrid apps are developed on the internet, they are not bound to a specific operating system. Successful application developers such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber, and Slack, for example, already chose to use hybrid applications.

  • Cost and time saving

    Development of hybrid applications will save up to 70% of the development time.

  • Cross-environment compatibility

    Hybrid apps run on any platform and any type of operating system: desktops/laptops (Windows / Mac), web, iOS, Android, etc.

  • Hybrid development simplifies the development logic into one universal source code

    The code has to be written only once, and only minor adjustments are required to make it compatible with each different operating system.

  • Because of the APIs and plugins there are no direct interactions with the user’s device drivers

    Since the app is based mainly on a web-framework, it can access all the information though APIs and plugins. The app running power also concentrates on the server rather than the user’s hardware.

  • The app exists on one single framework, which eliminates the need for multiple experts

    You do not need separate expert developers for each different operating system. It only requires one field of expertise; in effect, different developers can easily work together, which speeds up the development process.

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