Written by Merlijn Broersma 15 March 2017
Why exactly do I need a website?

That is the fist question that you have to ask yourself when you are about to start the development of your website. The reasons for having a website vary widely, but the following list includes the most common ones:

  1. To look more professional
  2. To start selling online
  3. In order to overtake a competitor
  4. Being more competitive (in case companies like yours already have one)
  5. For marketing purposes
  6. For blogging or as an online gallery
  7. To serve as your online business card
What Is an Internet Strategy? | Rocket Minds
Depending on your goals, you can determine the right internet strategy for you

For example, your strategy can be focused on exuding a friendly vibe to attract customers or to provide aid for a good cause. Alternatively, a more aggressive approach could be taken in order to challenge your competitors in a more serious manner. The feeling that you want your website to convey has much to do with the content that it features, and therefore you have to contemplate how you want to focus your website content: text-content, photos, videos, graphical elements, or perhaps even a combination of all of these.

Are you not entirely sure about your main reason(s) or how to go about your online strategy? Contact us so we can devise your online strategy together and outline how to realize it most effectively.