What is a sitemap?

Sitemaps visualize the structure of relationships between the various web pages of a website. In the early stages of website development, sitemaps help developers and the client to get a clear view of the website’s interaction design. In this stage, the sitemaps will still be editable.
Later on, using sitemaps has many other benefits. Besides easier navigation and better higher visibility in search engines, sitemaps also immediately inform search engines about any changes on your website.

A sitemap will not make your website immediately indexed correctly. Google will take some time to process the changes, but it will definitely be indexed faster compared to not having a sitemap.

Check our sitemap as an example

How to build and use a sitemap?

  • Decide which website pages should be indexed by Google
  • Decide the importance of each page
  • Decide the sitemap format. You can create it manually or using a third-party tool
  • Make your website sitemap available to search engines like Google by adding it to your robots.txt file.

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