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Typography is the art and technique behind the arrangement of letters, words, numbers, and other symbols. Its purpose is to make them legible, readable, and above all – in web design – appealing when displayed. Although typography might be one of the more challenging skills to excel in when it comes to web design and development, mastering it might prove more valuable – see the examples underneath – than one would expect. Sadly, this complex multilayered art form requires that extra time that never seems to be available in the IT world. Furthermore, many people don’t see typography's relation to their company’s profit and hence do not want to put in the time and money for this “extra” layer to their website.

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The right use of typography, however, can have a significant impact and makes a website captivating and intriguing to its visitors. Furthermore, effective use of typography exudes the sensation of a true artist at work. If you want to go beyond a simply informative or functional website, typography – as used in the websites of this article – invites your visitors to experience your website much like walking through a museum filled with aesthetic architecture. In effect, this experience will be associated with your brand and ensures that it stands out from the competition.


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Granted, one should always keep the main function of their website in mind. If the website is mainly geared towards simply having an online presence or the selling of products, a primarily functional and clear approach should be maintained. A rather simple landing page with attention to overall design would serve the former approach well, while the latter would suffice with a clearly categorized webshop that features accurate product descriptions and pictures.

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However, if one is willing to invest a bit (or much) more in their company’s website – perhaps when the competition is fierce – and wants to make sure it stands out from others, significant attention should be paid to the designing and developing the website’s typography. This devotion to the branding of your products will not only pay off in brand awareness, it will also make you a proud owner!

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Besides impressing potential customers, clients, and our designing peers, typography can also play a significant role in sparking interest for a specific cause. In this, a subject or topic that is perhaps marginalized or stigmatized in society – or a particular community – could be alleviated from this by demanding serious attention. The websites below are great examples of causes that benefit from the extra interest that typography encourages.

It remains important to take some time to consider whether your website needs – or actually can benefit from – enhanced typography. In essence, typography doesn’t have to be elaborate or extravagant; sometimes a few small nuances can already give that satisfying feeling of navigating through a well-designed website. Thus, always make sure that the typography matches the overall style you want your company to express. Henceforth, the typography that characterizes your website can also be transferred other personalized items such as flyers, headers, office supplies, and uniforms.

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Discussing typography design with professionals can give you an impression what the possibilities for your specific cause are. At Rocket Minds we are always keen on brainstorming together to find the best design to match your style.

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