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How do I make sketches?

First, decide on what you want each web page to display and then gather all the content. This can be done quickly with sticky notes or by writing everything in a (Word) document.

Then, look for examples on the internet and search for web page elements that you like. In this, you have to decide on how you want your content structured when it is displayed on a screen. In this, you can sketch out the navigation, the content blocks, the columns, the related support content blocks, the headers, the footers, and so on.

After developing multiple design sketches, you should try to fuse all of them into one final version. This is done by choosing the best sketch version for each different block, which, in turn, will generate the final design concept.

Planning your web design with sketches

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    By drawing, you can do rapid – almost at a train-of-thought speed – development to quickly get your ideas on paper. Drawing works on-the-fly, so you have to spend less hours in front of your monitor and have more time to generate ideas. Thus, simply roll up your sleeves and draw those solutions!
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    Digital wireframes

    When you have put all your ideas on paper, and your drawing appears to be comprehensive enough, it is time to put your drawings into “digital wireframes.” With this tool you can easily create a digital image of how every web page should look like.
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    PSD Sketches

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