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There are several solutions of webhosting available, which all cater to specific needs of a website. By now, you may have already come across an array of hosting offers, from simple and free to complex and very expensive ones. Your choice should depend on the resources that are needed to run your website on optimal parameters.

For starters:

Do not start directly with expensive solutions. You will always have the option to upgrade to a better and more powerful server. From the beginning you need to know that it’s not the price that should drive your choice, it’s the quality of the provided services.

So let’s get started and have a look at the possible solutions for hosting your website:

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    Free hosting

    This type of hosting is recommended for beginners who are not willing to do an investment in this direction. Even though the service providers are loudly stating that it’s free, we all know that you will have to give something in return. In most cases, you will “pay” in terms of advertisements that will be published on your website by your hosting provider. This means that your pages will have a less pleasant appearance and that the loading time of your website will increase. Usually, this option will not offfer technical support and is the service quality low.
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    Web-shared hosting

    This type of hosting is the most popular among the options. Your website will have its own domain, email, database and will share one powerful server with more websites. Usually, the technical support is generally good, varying from company to company of course, and should be one of the key factors when choosing a Web-shared hosting.
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    Dedicated server

    Purchasing this solution, you will host your website on a dedicated server. This means that you will be renting a server only for yourself, which is recommended for websites with a high traffic volume. It’s powerful, secure and comes with unlimited software support.
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    VPS (Virtual Private Server) or Cloud Server

    Opting for a VPS means that you will know exactly what you buy: you pay for the amount of visitors that your server can handle and what its overall limits are. The main characteristics of a VPS are the allocation of CPU, RAM, and HDD from a server. So, the amount that you pay for your VPS server, will grant you a certain percentage of these three characteristics.

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