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How does one distinguish a landing page? A landing page is a webpage on the Internet that is hosted on your domain or sub-domain. The landing page has no complicated navigation, no large formations of text, no flashing banners, and no extra menus.

On the Internet you may have encountered different names for the landing Page, the “Capture Page” and “Single-site,” for example, refer to the same type of website. Research has shown that companies that use the landing page tool generally sell 10-30% more than companies owning conventional websites or online stores.

The landing page was invented by online marketers in the United States about 10 years ago. At one point, marketers realized that the growing competition of online stores and websites made it too difficult for customers to judge which company they like better. After a tough competition among online marketers, a new format for a company’s website was created: the landing page.

A landing page can be used for 2 different purposes. In both cases it is just one webpage, but it is either a complete website for a small company, or an online marketing campaign website.

The first purpose works well for small and medium sized companies that do not see the benefit of having a complex website. For these companies, the best approach would be to simply design a landing page so potential customers can easily find the company online without the company having to invest too much money in something that it’s not sure will generate actual profit. In this case, the landing page serves as a virtual business card for the company that visualizes all the essential information of the company. The page will, for example, show the company vision, its services and/or products, and the contact information in an attractive format. The main purpose of such a landing page is the initial familiarization of potential customers with the goods or services of the company.

The key to a good landing page is that it should be very simple to navigate. This way, potential customers will have all the important details, such as the contact information, immediately within sight. Since the landing page contains everything in a minimalistic format, the contact information is what the costumer should see right away so interested costumers can easily contact the company without getting distracted by all the content.

What type of companies can benefit from a landing page?

  • Companies selling services
  • Companies selling products
  • Wholesale Companies
  • Info-businesses
  • Manufacturers
  • Companies promoting unique or expensive goods
  • "Seller" training programs

Why a landing page and not a conventional website?

The answer is very simple: A landing page can be created quickly and is very easy to manage.

The second purpose of the landing page – as an online marketing campaign – works well for medium and large sized companies that already have a corporate website that contains all the necessary company information. However, sometimes a company needs a different approach for a specific (temporary) offer or a marketing technique that does not fit within the style of the corporate website. Alternatively, a company may want to focus the attention of its users on a specific topic without overloading them with general information. For such purposes, a landing page offers the perfect format. Since Google advertisements can lead customers straight to the landing page, they won’t be distracted by any irrelevant information that the corporate website might provide them with.

Lately, it has become increasingly difficult to surprise potential customers with attractive advertising in order to catch their attention. Since customers are attracted to beautiful and memorable advertising, we always advise our clients to order a custom design for their landing page. This way, we can make sure that the design fits with the rest of their marketing campaign. Of course we are here to help designing a completely customized landing page in order to make sure that it is memorable to your customers.

The key for such a landing page is to be informative, understandable, and attractive. If all these conditions are met, then such a page will provide for an increased customer recognition and eventually lead to tangible company profit.

Although we can develop a landing page faster than a conventional website, we never promise to deliver a website within 24 hours. We feel that a quality product takes time to reach its full potential. In this, we never work with standard templates, and make sure to deliver an individualized approach to all of our clients. All terms and pricings will be discussed individually and will be stipulated in the contract.

Do you have questions about your own landing Page, what it can do for you? Contact us to set up a free introduction meeting. Would you rather have a quote for your landing Page right away? Use our calculator tool on this website to see the options that we offer and what the corresponding costs are. Subsequently you can make your request so we can plan an introduction meeting in order to get to know each other and discuss your project in more detail.

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