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Getting started with your webshop development

With your own webshop you are not dependent on a physical store anymore. Every day the amount of entrepreneurs that get their own webshop is increasing. This is not a surprising transition, for a webshop can be developed quickly, is cheap to maintain, and usually has little to no personnel costs.

If you get your webshop developed with WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento or another CMS, you can manage the webshop entirely on your own. Yet, the development of a professional webshop is an intense process during which it is important that you work with the right party. Continue reading to learn what we at Rocket Minds can do for you.

Ready-made or Custom Solution?
In order to build your webshop there are several ready-made solutions on the market. The most common ones are WooCommerce and Shopify, but we can also build a custom solution tailored to your needs.
Integration of payment methods
In the realisation of a webshop the main purpose is to actually sell of course. In order to do this effectively, you will need a configuration of your own payment gateway. We advise Mollie or Stripe for this, because they are user friendly gateways to facilitate payments via iDeal, PayPal or CreditCard.
Stock and delivery options
If you opt for a custom solution, we can build your webshop in such a way that you can easily handle your stock management, manage the delivery process, and get a clear overview of all your costs.
Google AdWords
To make your sales, you will first need to attract customers. An efficient way to promote your webshop is by using Google AdWords to build a qualitative ad campaign.
Webshop Development Prices

Start selling online with a new webshop that can be online in less than 1 month. The online community is a huge potential audience for any store.

Basic webshop
The Basic webshop package is to start selling online as fast as possible. Your webshop will be built on WordPress' webshop CMS, WooCommerce, and the design will be based on a template of your choice. You only have to deliver the content and the website will be live in around 3 weeks.
Delivery time around 3 weeks
Template design with your branding
1 design revision round
Responsive design
WooCommerce CMS
Basic webshop modules
Advanced webshop
The Advanced webshop package is built on a WooCommerce or Shopify CMS. You will get a custom design in your brand identity and advanced modules.
from €1.900,00
Delivery time around 2 months
Custom design with 3 revision rounds
Responsive design
WooCommerce or Shopify CMS
All webshop modules
Advanced categorisation
Payment systems integration
Stock management
Includes SEO Starter Pack
100% Customized webshop
Our 100% Customized webshop package is a great solution when you know exactly what you want and ready-made solutions do not offer this by default. We can build an entirely custom solution or build or integrate custom modules on WooCommerce or Shopify.
Price on request
Delivery time starting from 2 months
Custom design with indefinite revisions
Responsive design
WooCommerce, Shopify or custom CMS
Advanced categorisation
Payment systems integrations
Stock management
Unlimited webshop modules
Custom functionalities
Custom modules and widgets
API connections with other systems
Includes SEO Starter Pack
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Conversion oriented webshop

Let Rocket Minds develop your conversion oriented webshop.

Ordering your own webshop is about getting results. If you open your own webshop, this is of course to generate sales. The product impressions are important, but it is far more important that your visitors actually make their purchases on your webshop. In order to achieve this, it is essential that visitors are subtly guided through the online shopping space, that they can ask questions, and that they are eventually stimulated to make a purchase. Succeeding in this process is where conversion oriented web design comes into play.

Converting website visitors into customers
After visitors have entered your website, they have to be converted into leads or customers of course. That’s why Rocket Minds always creates conversion oriented web designs. These are oriented toward a clear goal and contain tactical implementations of buttons, content, and other functionalities.
Visibility in Google
In order to generate revenue, your website first needs to get relevant visitors. In this, your website’s visibility in Google is essential. That’s why at Rocket Minds we always deliver 100% technically SEO optimized websites and offer elaborate SEO advice before the website goes live.

Payment system integration

There’s more to the development of a professional webshop than a WordPress (or a custom CMS) integration and the creation of a conversion oriented design. If visitors go through all of the shopping steps, they have to be able to make the actual purchase of course. This is where the integration of a payment system comes into play. In addition to facilitating direct online payments, a well-functioning payment system also fosters customer trust.

The Dutch payment system Mollie is reliable and easy to use, and hence helps enterprises of all kinds of formats to operate more efficiently. In short, Mollie is simple, safe, and contains various pre-programmed solutions that allow webshops to start selling right away.
Stripe builds some of the most powerful and flexible tools for internet commerce. Whether you’re creating a subscription service, an on-demand marketplace, an e-commerce store, or a crowdfunding platform, the Stripe payment system can do it all. Internationally oriented, stripe is geared toward developers and can be personalized and optimized for any IT solution.

How does a webshop get developed?

Rocket Minds makes webshops that can meet all your criteria. You will get your own professional webshop with an integration of WordPress or another (custom) CMS that will remain cheap in the long term and which will contain the right software and functionalities, such as a safe and convenient payment system.

When you let Rocket Minds develop your webshop, we will always work together with you on the design concept. We will pose a number of questions in order to get a clear idea of your wishes and goals, and to identify the target audience. Subsequently, our web designers will work with this and create a website concept. After this, there are a few revision rounds so we can create a webshop that your are completely satisfied with. Then we will add the specific functionalities, and as a final step we will test your webshop together so we can work out the kinks before the website goes live.


We start with an elaborate intake in order to draft a functional plan. This plan we will then translate into wireframes and a graphic design.

  • Target Audience
  • Goal & objectives
  • Concept & wireframe
  • Description website functionalities
  • Graphic design
  • Design approval

After the structure and the design is clear, our web developers will implement the design into the CMS.

  • Front-end development
  • Development functionalities
  • Speed optimization
  • Testing
  • Approval

We will give you instructions on how to use the CMS so you can maintain the website by yourself and expand it whenever you feel like. In addition, we will integrate your website with Google analytics and Search Console for you.

  • CMS instructions & manual
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Google Console integration
  • Dashboard Report
Benefits of WooCommerce
WooCommerce by WordPress is a free open-source web publishing application and Content Management System (CMS). Some of the features that make this CMS so popular in the web developer community are:
Wide online community support
Easy to use
There are many themes readily available to completely change the look of your website
More than 22,000 plugins available to customize your website according to your unique needs
Easy to implement SEO strategies
It is stable and because of its frequent updates it’s always in tune with the latest trends and user needs
WooCommerce provides an easy sharing feature to connect your social media accounts
It offers responsive design functionality, which easily optimizes your website for mobile use
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