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Adapt fast to the situation by digitizing your business operations

In order to adapt well to the new realities of today, it is important that you take the right steps that keep your business going. A key response is to digitize (a part of) your business operations. This way, you won’t be dependent on having everyone in the same environment to work efficiently. In addition, with digitalization you can have dashboard overviews that will help you to manage all of your business operations more effectively.

Sell online now that people are spending more time at home

For most B2C, but also many B2B businesses, selling online is now the safest, most effective (and sometimes the only) to keep generating revenue. If you did not have an e-commerce solution already, consider investing in a simple webshop so you can start selling online right away. Since people stay more inside now, they will save on their travel and going out costs. Thus, if you reach out with attractive offers, a webshop allows you to attract many new customers during the COVID-19 situation.

Food and recreation industry: how to sell if you are closed down

Many restaurants and catering services can still offer home delivery via popular platforms such as Thuisbezorgd or Uber Eats. However, don’t forget that people will want to go out more than ever once they are allowed to go out and socialize again. Therefore, consider offering voucher offers that your customers can cash in once you are opened again. This way, you can generate a direct income that will help you get through this crisis period.

Optimize or automate processes to compensate a loss of work output

It’s highly likely that your employees are already working from home. In some cases this works perfectly fine, but usually this works less efficiently since it’s harder to manage. As a result, most organizations experience a loss in working output. A solution to this problem is to automate or optimize (some of) your vital organization processes so that you will be less dependent on human operations.

Are your employees working from home?

If everyone is present at work, communication issues are usually easily resolved. However, when people work from home all of a sudden, communication issues often reduce productivity. By providing your employees with a digital communication system you enable them to easily interact with one another while they operate the company processes remotely.

Your custom ERP

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. An ERP system contains all processes within an organisation, such as relations, appointments, customers and/or clients, leads, invoices, quotations, and plannings. All administrative, financial, and logistical organisation processes come together in one single management system. The final goal of an ERP system is to create a clear overview and hence save costs. Since an ERP system is built modular, organizations can completely tailor them to their needs. An ERP system analyses the information of all the integrated software in order to assess the most efficient way to work. This way, an ERP aids efficiency, flexibility, and adaptability of an organization.

Your custom ERP


ERPs can automate the creation of invoices, provide extensive and detailed overviews of the revenue that clients are bringing, and offer statistics and timeframe perspectives.



Manage your expenses and subscriptions in one single place. Assess the value that each supplier brings you and the costs that they incur. Adjust your organization accordingly and save money by investing in a comprehensive ERP system.



Manage your products and services inventory, together with the corresponding statistics and history. With an ERP system, you will always have an up to date overview without the usual synchronization issues.

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