Website analysis

First, we will analyze the current website in order to see on which webpage’s people spend much or little time and which webpage’s are and aren’t clicked through. It could be that your visitors are interested at your home page, but that by the time they reach your contact page they pull out. It is important to take your visitors by the hand and convince them step by step to take action: buy a product, request a quotation, or simply read your content

Based on this analysis, together we will draft a plan for improvement according to your wishes. This way we ensure that your renewed website is not just a new online look, but that it will also aid you in achieving your organization goals.

The new website is live: are we done now?

A common misperception is that a website is finished as soon as it goes live. Treating your website like this means that it will never be very effective. After your website is online, it is important that people easily find it and that they feel attracted to engage with it.

Just as we did with your old website, we can help you with the analysis of your new website traffic and help you strategize your renewed online presence. Maybe you can benefit from restructured content, more buttons or perhaps it is video embedding that does the trick for your target group. In this, we can improve the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website and increase your conversion rate of website visitors into users, customers, clients, or partners.

Technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Technical optimization is often a neglected element within SEO. Yet, just like any other element, it aids the Google indexing, and thus visibility, of your website.

Technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
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