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The Webshop: One of the most Affordable Ways of Doing Business

The Webshop: One of the most Affordable Ways of Doing Business

Many people would like to have their own business, but a lack of money or knowledge often hinders them from actually realizing it.

Opening a webshop is a great way to learn the basics of trading and negotiating and is an accessible first step to successful entrepreneurship. Starting a webshop does not require a large investment, but it does hold potential to generate great profits. Whether a webshop will be successful primarily depends on the marketing approach, followed by the business idea and concept, and the various products for sale. 

In this, one of the most affordable options for doing business on the internet is to simply register as an individual entrepreneur. All you need is a good website – an online store – and probably an office and/or a warehouse. You can even leave out the latter and start without a warehouse or any stock at all and simply work according to the drop shipping model.

What is most important for a webshop design?

In the development of a webshop, it is important to spend the utmost attention to the user interface (UI). This will determine the ease of navigation for your clients and, hence, whether they can easily find and order their desired products. A pleasant experience on your webshop will be connected to your brand, and aids in getting your customers to buy your products, come back for more, and tell others about it.

Webshop: The Cheapest Way to Start Your Business | Rocket Minds

What Information do I have to display on my webshop?

All the important information on your webshop should be displayed clearly: contact information should be prominently featured, the “search” function should be found easily, and all webpages should open quickly. Make sure to prevent overloading the website with unclear or unnecessary content. Limit yourself to displaying good quality photos, accurate product descriptions, and don't forget to leave space for user feedback or comments and product reviews.

Furthermore, the categorization of your products and search system plays an important role in the user experience (UX). In order to prevent potential confusion, your products should be organized and divided into specific (sub-)categories. Another feature to keep in mind is your customer care and support service. The easiest way to start is to provide your customers with contact information such as a telephone number or email address. However, in due time – as your business grows – consider implementing a ticket support system or even an online chat. This will foster customer trust, for your webshop will already have a safety mechanism in place in case anything goes wrong.

From webshop development to webshop promotion

The development and the promotion of a webshop mutually depend on one other. Therefore, it is often better to get both services from the same company. This way you only have to work with one team, which already knows your website thoroughly and understands the promotional requirements that it needs.

Do you want to learn more about webshops? Read our article on: The Webshop from a Customer Perspective

Webshop: The Cheapest Way to Start Your Business | Rocket Minds
Design according to your branding

In our website development, we always make sure that it is easy to use. Your website can be delivered in Joomla, Drupal, or (custom) CMS of your choice. In this, we will integrate your CMS with the right plug-ins so you can realize your goals and easily manage your own website.

Webshop: The Cheapest Way to Start Your Business | Rocket Minds
Easy management system (CMS)

Depending on your wishes, the cheapest option is to let us develop your website with a custom CMS tailored to your specific needs.

Webshop: The Cheapest Way to Start Your Business | Rocket Minds
Modules & functionalities

There is more to the development of a professional website that just the integration of a CMS and the creation of a conversion oriented design. In order to interact (communicate, sell, convince) with your visitors, the website can be integrated with chat or ticket services, a payment system, or any other module that facilitates visitor interaction.

Webshop: The Cheapest Way to Start Your Business | Rocket Minds
SEO & visibility

After the website is delivered, you will always receive additional support. Depending on the type of website, you will get instructions on how to use your CMS, how to work with the links and tools that are integrated, and about the other services that your website relies on.