Written by Merlijn Broersma 20 July 2017

Color swatches are one of the main elements that will form the brand of your organization. The color swatches used on your website should represent your organization in a perfect and comprehensive manner. If you already have your organization colors, you can provide the color codes to us (e.g. #e7e7e7) so we can accurately implement them on your website.

Wat if my organization does not have a house style yet?

If you have do not have your colors determined yet, just let us know what colors you are thinking about, and we will work to propose several color combinations that could suit your needs.

Wat if my organization does not have a house style yet?
How to choose the right color

The color swatches of your choosing will determine the attractiveness of your brand and/or website on a subconscious level. Each color has a certain psychological effect, and will make your customers interpret your presence, products, or services in a particular manner. It is important that this effect aligns with the goal that you want your website to fulfill.

Keep in mind: consumers always choose their products and services based on a combination of emotional and more rational/pragmatic judgements.