Written by Merlijn Broersma 14 July 2018
An important service that we recommend to our clients is to make use of our maintenance and support plan

If you get our maintenance and support service after the development of your website and/or app is completed, we will check the running server for faults on a weekly basis. In effect, we guarantee you a live-ratio of your website/app of 99.7%!

In addition, we will be keeping daily, weekly, and monthly backups of your files for at least 12 weeks from their creation date. Finally, our service also gives you higher priority on fixing bugs, and a guarantee of time-efficient responses to all your questions, regardless of whether they are related to your website/app or not.

What if I do not have a support plan?

Whether you have an active support plan or not, you will always receive our help to solve your problems. However, if there are support requests from clients who do have a support plan, they will be prioritized. Consequently, the waiting time for your support requests may increase.

Also, you will not receive the weekly server checks or the backup service, and thus we cannot guarantee you having a running website/app for at least 99.7% of the time.

As a default service, at Rocket Minds we always include a basic testing procedure at the end of the project. This procedure takes up to 5-10% of the total project time. However, this procedure is not always enough to find all possible errors that could occur in the long-term. Thus, our maintenance plan ensures that your website/app will continue to run smoothly in the long run too – as it was designed and developed in the first place.