The best is to let the text being written by a copywriter. These people are used to help create unique text, that will lead to sales, and will help to index the website in search engines.

The copywriter can be hired by the client individually, or via our agency.
Although, before starting writing the content for your website, they need several meetings with you, to understand the ideology of your company and what are it’s business goals.
They can also write you a slogan or text for other promotional materials. Sometimes they even work within the marketing department of companies.

Good quality design requires good quality content.
Good quality content will also influence your Google Ranking

When it comes to talk about the photos – there are 2 ways to find them we advise:

  • Hire a professional photograph that will make the photos of your own products / offices, etc.
  • Buy licenced photos on stock-markets or

We strongly advice you not to use photos made with your phone or a simple camera, because they can damage the full new concept of the website.

Onze projecten

Onze projecten zijn representatief voor onze kerncapaciteiten en hier ziet u enkele succesverhalen waarin ze toegepast zijn in klantscenarios.