When talking about adapting a business to new technologies – we do not talk only about income and profit, but also about supporting the brand name, keeping it alive.

Businesses have to represent evolution and progress. Any business that is surpassed by the technology will become not interesting to the clients in a really short term, that will slowly lead to bankruptcy.
If about ten years ago being present online was more than enough, nowadays the online presence must cover multiple fields like providing high-quality conte.nt, have a competitive design, being present on social media, and certainly an optimized mobile-page on web.

The tendency to migrate to more advanced, compact and intelligent devices can not be negated anymore. In the last years search results reported by Google faced a higher result using a mobile-device source comparing to desktop devices, that means that more people use the websites in their mobile versions than desktop versions.
This imperative change in customer behavior should alert the business owners who still do not have a mobile friendly website for their business. Mobile devices became so accessible, that even children started to use them on a daily basis. Thus – mobile friendly websites became a must for every business, no matter of the thematic.

Will be the websites developed by you optimized for mobile use?

YES! Having a mobile-friendly website is critically important and this is the main reason why we do not offer mobile optimization as an extra service, but include it in the main service we provide – we consider it necessary for every website, no matter how big it is. Secondly, Google have implemented in 2015 a new indexation procedure, that will automatically move the mobile-friendly websites up, above the non-optimized websites.

Google created a web-tool for automatically checking if your website will be indexed as mobile friendly or not.

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Is you website not yet optimized but you do not want a new website?

If your website is not yet optimized - then it will today receive lower positions allocated in the search results. To solve this is not necessarily to develop a completely new website (if you do not want to). We can help you optimize your current website as well, and advice you to do so, do not wait anymore for it.

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