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These days, a corporate website is the best way to make a company visible on the internet. A corporate website is complex and serves as the official digital representation of a company. It shows the business’ purpose and provides comprehensive information about the company to both its customers/clients and its partners/suppliers. This information includes the company’s scope and activities, and the products and/or services that are being offered. Furthermore, a product catalogue and additional services together with a forum, voting polls, and mailings are often integrated in corporate websites as well.

A corporate website can be an effective tool to tackle problems such as finding new partners and customers, or to expand the company to new markets. Therefore, it is not surprising that ambitious companies worldwide make use of a corporate website. After all, it's such a successful recipe.

The corporate website, in contrast to a landing page, includes various interactions with its users. Among these interactions are: issuing online cost calculations, selling products and services, conducting marketing research and promotions, sending news to visitors, collecting customer feedback, arranging voting polls, receiving applications to job vacancies, and any other customer interaction that a company is interested in.

Since the corporate website also serves as an important image tool, its design always receives the utmost attention. The design has to correspond to the style of the company in order to gain easy recognition and trust of potential customers, partners, and press.

In our age of digital communication, having a corporate website is mandatory for any serious company. After all, a corporate website will help achieving multiple goals at the same time, namely:

  • Searching for new customers and partners
  • Searching for new employees
  • Consolidating the corporate image
  • Providing easy and fast communication with clients and partners
  • Serving as a rich content and management platform

The content of a corporate website depends on the goals and tasks that a company seeks to accomplish. In the creation of a corporate website, it is important to take the features, advantages, and specializations of the company into account. Therefore, it is important to let your corporate website be developed by professional specialists.

Furthermore, a corporate website can serve as an advertising platform. The benefit of a corporate website – compared to other types of advertising – is that it immediately informs the target group about the company’s products and services. In effect, the corporate website provides a high efficiency, low cost, form of advertising.

Creation of a corporate website. How do we do it?

When it comes to creation a corporate website, we do not just do the development, but we also dive into our client's business. In this, we study the history of the business, its strategy, and its goals in order to get a comprehensive understanding of the company. We believe that this is the best way to create a product that meets our quality standards and will truly generate profit for the company. In order to do this properly, we carry out a marketing analysis at the initial stage the project. This analysis includes:

  • Defining the target group (gender, age, social status, location)
  • Research of the company strategy, goals and tactics
  • A description of the behavioral factors of the target group, including their actions and desires
  • The study of competitors and the identification of the company’s strengths

The steps for creating a corporate website are as follows:

  • 1

    Pre-project analysis

  • 2

    Writing of the technical analysis and proposition

  • 3


  • 4

    Developing a design concept

  • 5


  • 6

    Front-end development

  • 7

    Interaction design

  • 8

    Back-end development or CMS integration

  • 9

    Filling in the content

  • 10


  • 11

    Launching of the project

  • 12

    Support and maintenance

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