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Are you about to start a new business? Or do you want to rebrand your existing business? An important feature to consider is your company logo.

A logo is one of the most important identity elements of a company, it is usually the primary element that people recognize. It is therefore important that your logo corresponds with the imago that your want your business to exude.

When it comes to deciding on the type of logo that you need there are several approaches possible:

  • Template logo: Fast and affordable approach, but not recommended.
  • Font logo: The business and professional style.
  • Symbol logo: A graphical representation of your company.
  • Custom logo by sketch: Best choice if you already have some ideas of what you want your logo to look like.
  • Custom logo (researched): Let us research and design the best logo for your company.

In most cases we recommend to have the name of your company indicated near or in the logo. Only a few companies succeeded to make their logo recognizable solely by their icon or symbol. Moreover, this only became possible after huge investments in advertising and existing on the marketplace for years already. Successful examples are the Nike symbol, the Windows icon of Microsoft, and Absolut Vodka who made the shape of their bottle widely recognizable by using visual marketing strategies based on the same shape.

Colors play an important role in exuding a certain corporate identity. For example, warm colours such as yellow, pink, red, and orange tend to attract focus. They have a strong “energy” and are perfect for sale-focused marketing strategies. Blue on the other hand, is more relaxed and conservative. The blue colour is soft to the human eye and is associated with high standards and represents a business-related approach.

Underneath you see various logo variations for our client Beyli Logistics

When it comes to your own logo, thinking about the right color to represent your organization identity is a good start. Colors make a logo easier to memorize. Think about it, Kodak is yellow, Coke is red, Pepsi is blue, PostNL is orange, and FedEx is red and purple. Colour can bring the identity of your brand into life, but always make sure to not use the same colours as your competition.

So what is the deal with logos that only use the initials of the name? That primarily depends on how people memorize and get used to saying the name of your organization. For example, General Electric is a long name so GE is an excellent logo. GE, meanwhile, is also considered as a nickname for the organization. The same concept applies to FedEx instead of Federal Express, or IBM for International Business Machines. So how do you think people will interpret the name Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing? To make it easier to memorize, the branded it as 3M Company.


A nickname is what people like to call you, so never try to force it. If people want to use your full name, then this is the name that your logo should represent. “Metropolitan Life” can be “MetLife”, but “New York Life” will always stay “New York Life”.

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