Branding is certainly not a carefree topic; rather, it represents a critical element of any business. One of the issues in branding is the common misconception that logo design is treated as being interchangeable with branding. Although they go hand-in-hand and serve as a marketing tool, they are not entirely the same. Many businesses overlook the full potential of what a brand can accomplish for their company, and therefore simply settle for a logo. So, what sets a brand apart from a logo? Why is the jump from a logo to a brand so difficult? Why do you need a brand, and not just a logo? Let’s explore.

I have a small business, do I really need branding?

Effective branding can elevate your product – even your entire business – into something unique. This prevents that your brand is not just simply one among many similar others, but rather one that guarantees the quality that your brand represents. Standing out from your competitors is particularly important in competitive markets.

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Here are some reasons you need branding:

  • To attract more clients or customers
  • To explain your company name
  • To convey that you are well-established
  • To look like a “bigger” player in the market
  • To be more memorable
  • To stand out in your field
  • To give customers or clients a sense of quality and stability

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