How to automate organisation processes?

Nowadays, automation of organisation processes is the talk of the day, but where and how do you actually start? Automation allows you to work more efficiently so that your employees can focus on the work that they are actually good at and which they enjoy. This means that they will have to spend less time on boring, repetitive tasks that just eat up their time.

Cost or investment?

Process automation is an investment that pays itself off rather quickly, for your organization will be spending less time on repetitive tasks, maintain a more reliable and stable quality, and gain a better overview of its processes. Automation is particularly effective for time consuming tasks such as data analysis, registration of information, data copying, and calculating with specific formulas. Moreover, if you automate (some of) your existing business processes, software, and databases together, the benefits are immediately noticeable.

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How to start automating and improving processes?

When we at Rocket Minds start the automation of an organization’s processes, the first thing we do is to map all the processes of the organization or department. In this, we’ll indicate how each task is currently being carried out (manually or via a machine or software package), how many people are involved, their location, time spent, and all other relevant information.

Then we will make an assessment of the automation scope. What should it achieve? Often not everything needs to be automated, for many processes still require human supervision. After identifying these processes, we look at which tasks could potentially be automated. In this, we filter out the tasks that are currently being done manually, and then see which can be automated by means of software.

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Which tasks benefit most from automation?

When we have an overview of all processes and associated tasks eligible for automation, we will look together at which of those tasks will benefit most from automation. In this, we can select based on the time needed for specific tasks, but also on the error margin or the general annoyance that is experienced during certain tasks.

How do you automate your organisation processes? | Rocket Minds

Link with existing software

Common tasks that are easy to automate are: Transferring of data from one system to another, performing data checks in multiple systems, and the manual merging of data. In this, we examine - possibly with the suppliers of your existing (software) systems - how the different systems that your organization uses can be efficiently linked together.

User-friendly dashboards and portals

The reason for automating processes is to be able to increase revenue by making work more efficient and pleasant. That is why we always spend a lot of time on the user-friendliness of our systems and equip them with clear and valuable dashboards that generate insights, analyses, and statistics of your organization processes.

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