CRM and ERP customized for your organization

CRM (Customer Relations Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems are convenient tools to process customer data. These systems consist of integrated software programs that keep track of all the data related to an organization’s affairs.

More than just a storage of client details, a CRM can track basically anything that is important for the organization’s undertakings: interaction and activity logbooks, the services that the organization has provided, official documents such as quotations and contracts, reminders, imports and exports, suppliers, stock management, marketing tools, and it can even be connected to other software programs that an organization already uses.

There are many ready-made systems available on the market, but Rocket Minds specializes in customized CRM and ERP systems; systems that require just that little bit more and which differentiate your organization from others. We make sure that these systems connect seamlessly with all the tools and other systems that your organization already uses.

Do I need a CRM and/or ERP?

Of course you could just use Microsoft Excel or an equivalent program to track and manage your organization’s information streams, but these always bring security risks and problems such as synchronization between employees and dependencies on devices and updates.So, are you still keeping customer and client details in Excel? Or aren’t these details saved at all, causing a lack of oversight and an inability to jump on cross and up-selling opportunities? Would you like to improve your business relations and increase your revenue? Rocket Minds builds your CRM or ERP completely tailored to your needs.

Your custom CRM

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. A CRM system is used to save and process all customer/client data. The CRM system organizes and optimizes the relation between customers/clients and the organization, focussed on contact moments. This data will be centralized, which allows employees to easily access all the relevant information, whether it’s to check a phone call or an e-mail, to receive birthday pop-ups, to highlight a sales opportunity, or to send appointment reminders. In short, a CRM system strengthens existing and potential customer/client relations, reveals opportunities, creates efficiency within the organization, and provides an overview of the leads.
Manage your contacts in one central place by integrating all your communication channels (website, subscription tools, customer accounts, etc.) into your own custom CRM.
Improve your oversight of your sales and your running projects. With your own CRM, you will never forget tasks or issues anymore.
Centralize all your leads in a single location and use this with your team to manage the sales process more effectively.
Online success?

We are curious to hear your story! What does your organization do, and what is your mission?

We love to look at how you can achieve (even more) online success, and how we can help you realise this.

Your custom ERP

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. An ERP system contains all processes within an organisation. Think about relations, appointments, customers and/or clients, leads, invoices, quotations, and plannings. All administrative, financial, and logistical organisation processes come together in one single management system. The final goal of an ERP system is to create a clear overview and hence save costs. Since an ERP system is built modular, organizations can completely tailor them to their needs. An ERP system analyses the information of all the integrated software in order to assess the most efficient way to work. This way, an ERP aids efficiency, flexibility, and adaptability of an organization.
ERPs can automate the creation of invoices, provide extensive and detailed overviews of the revenue that clients are bringing, and offer statistics and time perspectives.
Manage your expenses and subscriptions in one single place. Assess the value that each supplier brings you and the costs that they incur. Adjust your organization accordingly and save money by investing in a comprehensive ERP system.
Manage your products and services inventory, together with the corresponding statistics and history. With an ERP system, you will always have an up to date overview without the usual synchronization issues.

We start with an elaborate intake in order to draft a functional plan. This plan we will then translate into wireframes and a graphic design.

  • Target Audience
  • Goal & objectives
  • Concept & wireframe
  • Description website functionalities
  • Graphic design
  • Design approval

After the structure and the design is clear, our web developers will implement the design into the CMS.

  • Front-end development
  • Development functionalities
  • Speed optimization
  • Testing
  • Approval

You will receive clarification about the CMS so you can maintain the website by yourself and expand it whenever you feel like. In addition, we will integrate Google analytics and Search Console.

  • CMS clarification & manual
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Google Console integration
  • Dashboard Report
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Benefits of a custom CRM and ERP

Since CRMs and ERPs can track everything that happens within your organization, it gives managers the perfect tool to overview their organizational affairs. By automating this overview, managers only have to study their CRM or ERP dashboard in order to determine the organization’s direction.

Subsequently, managers can use the CRM or ERP to assign their employees to specific projects, which does not only save a lot of bureaucratic (paper)work, but also prevents accidental task repetition and potential miscommunication, both internally and externally.

Better customer and/or client insight
Better segmentation possibilities
Integrations with various sales channels
Smoother workflow in your sales process
Faster communication with leads
Increases the manageability of different departments
Easy way to administrate your resources
Data analysis and reporting
Limitless integrations: finance, customer support, sales, technical, resources, inventory, communication, and any other aspect of your organization
You own CRM / ERP makes data management more reliable and convenient for yourself, for you take all your data ownership into your own hands

Integrations and APIs

An important part of functional CRMs and ERPs are the integrations with all online resources that your organization uses. The platform itself, then, functions as a system that collects data from all these resources (including manually entered data), and analyzes it to present it to you in an orderly manner.

In order to automate your company processes, Rocket Minds can connect your custom CRM or ERP with any online service that offers an API. Examples include: Toggl, Everhour, Jira, Trello, Wunderlist, Github, any other sales or communications channel, and finance and cloud services. Other than requiring an API connection, there are no limitations to this.

Contact us for more information on how Rocket Minds can automate your processes and which integrations are suitable for your custom CRM.

Workflow improvement

With a CRM or ERP, your organization can easily track its leads, plan follow-ups, and pause the projects that are on-hold. Also, import/export companies can use these systems to keep track of their stock and make sure that suppliers are contacted in time. This way, organizations can maintain an ongoing conversation with their relations and prevent these relations from having to deal with different contact persons or redundant information. Furthermore, CRMs and ERPs makes it easier for employees to cover each other’s projects (due to a pregnancy, holiday, or illness) and for new employees to start their job.

Design according to your branding
In our website development, we always make sure that it is easy to use. Your website can be delivered in WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or any other (personalized) CMS of your choice. In this, we will integrate your CMS with the right plug-ins so you can realize your goals and easily manage your own website.
Easy management system (CMS)
The cheapest option in the long term is to let us develop your website in WordPress or a personalized CMS tailored to your specific needs.
Modules & functionalities
There is more to the development of a professional website that just the integration of a CMS and the creation of a conversion oriented design. In order to interact (communicate, sell, convince) with your visitors, the website can be integrated with chat or ticket services, a payment system, or any other module that facilitates visitor interaction.
SEO & visibility
After the website is delivered, you will always receive additional support. Depending on the type of website, you will get instructions on how to use your CMS, how to work with the links and tools that are used, and about the other integrations that your website relies on.

Open-market versus custom CRM

Open-market CRMs and ERPs, such as TeamLeader, ZohoCRM, or, have a lot of basic integrations that fit in most cases, but are unable to integrate internal or third-party software created for your organization. A custom CRM or ERP, on the other hand, can be developed to integrate whatever software that is needed. Our CRM at Rocket Minds, for example, is integrated with the repositories that store the files of each project, a time tracker for employee hours worked per project, and the calendar, e-mail, and finance software that we use.

CRM and ERP combined in an unique system

Do you need, for example, not just customer details centralized, but also details about supplies and employees? That’s possible. Even a system that combines a CRM and ERP together is within reach! In addition to CRM en ERP systems, Rocket Minds develops planning software, invoice software, client portals, mobile applications, hour registration tools, management portals, and many more. Ask for a free introduction meeting to discuss how your organization could benefit from its own personalized software. We will study the possibilities for your organization and explain which tools we can integrate to develop a comprehensive system that is completely tailored to your organization’s needs.

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