E-mail marketing and newsletters

E-mail marketing is an element of online marketing where commercial messages are sent directly via e-mail to a target audience. Also newsletters are part of e-mail marketing, which are often used to keep (potential) customers up-to-date on the latest developments.
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When to use E-mail marketing

1. Send e-mails to improve your customer relationships. This can be used to target current, but also former customers. In effect, you will improve customer loyalty and stimulate customers to make repeat purchases

2. Send an e-mail to attract new customers

3. Use e-mail marketing to attract visitors to your website, which will help you to score better in search engines such as Google

4. Add advertisements to your e-mails in order to stimulate (extra) sales.

Quality of E-mail marketing. How not to become a SPAMmer

While there are certainly advantages to e-mail marketing, there are also disadvantages. There are companies, for example, that send too many unsolicited (spam) e-mails. In addition, there are many organizations that fake their identity in order to scam their readers. This makes it extra difficult to distinguish between spam real online marketing. Even if you don’t violate any laws, you may still be blacklisted if certain e-mail managers feel that you’re sending spam.

Thus, since the margin between spam and e-mail marketing is so small, it is important to always comply by the anti-spam laws, and to only send marketing e-mails if you truly have something (new) to say, if you have something to add to the customer relationship, or if you have actual discounts to promote.

Technical search engine optimization

Technical optimization is often a neglected element within SEO. Yet, just like any other element, it aids the Google indexing, and thus visibility, of your website.

Content optimalisatie

Content optimization is an important aspect of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website. It is the longest lasting aspect, for in order to keep your website relevant, you have to keep adding new optimized content to your website. Google always checks the speed and other technical aspects of your website, but for Google - and for your visitors of course - it is also important to find interesting and relevant content on your website. Content includes text and titles, but also images and other media files, which should all have a certain description, frequency of keywords, size, etc. in order to be optimized for Google.

Google AdWords Campaigns

By advertising with Google Ads, you can draw attention to your online platform in Google. Based on your objectives, we use SEA (Search Engine Analysis) in order to find out which marketing campaigns will yield you the best results.

Of course, everyone can make a Google AdWords campaign by himself as well. The idea behind outsourcing it, however, is that the campaign becomes optimized by allowing a professional to manage it. In the end, this will bring your Cost per Click (CPC) down while your sales go up, leaving you with more time and net profit in the end than when you would manage your own campaign.

Adwords = Strategy = Experimentation. The biggest AdWords profits come through fundamental shifts in tactics. Everybody follows the same rules for Google, which is why the single most important AdWords activity is the one no one is talking about - constant R&D and experimentation.

Pricing of SEO and SEA

We offer various options for Search Engine Optimization and Online Advertisement.

Please select one of the options below or contact us directly for more information.

Technical optimization
One time optimization of your current website to increase the speed, make it mobile optimized and ready for google.
Media resize and optimization
Technical implementation of META tags, titles and descriptions
Minification of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Server security check
Sitemap.xml and Robots.txt creation and maintenance
Registration in Google Console
Setting up Analytics
Basic SEO
This is the basic monthly package for SEO maintenance. It will include monitoring of the items on technical optimization, and monthly activities to gradually improve your Google rating.
from €350,00(monthly)
Analysis of the website, topics and competitors
Formation of the primary core of search queries
Analytics monitoring and reporting
Meta tags, content, linking
Maintenance of the sitemap
Uptime monitoring
Advanced SEO and SEA
Advanced package for SEO and SEA maintenance. This option includes all items from the basic package, plus additional powerful tools to show you results faster.
from €550,00(monthly)
Competition and keyword monitoring
SEA. Search Engine Advertising
Ads Campaigns
Social Media Presence
Budget planning
Monthly Audits
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