Search engine advertising and Google AdWords

Did you know that 40% of people who click on a Google advertisement are unaware of the fact that they clicked on an advertisement?
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This naturally makes search engine advertising extra attractive, because your website visitors will be open-minded since they won’t feel that they were triggered by an ad. With Google ads, you are immediately high in the search list, which will directly translate to more website visitors. You can choose the search terms yourself, while we can help you to ensure that your ad is displayed as soon as a Google user types in your unique keywords. In addition, you have control over which regions you target, which device you want to be visible on and you can even focus on the age and gender of your target audience. You only pay per actual click, and you can determine your maximum budget on a day-to-day basis.

AdWords benefits

We understand that you want to know in advance whether AdWords is interesting for you, so we listed a number of benefits:

- You can reach potential customers at the right time

- You can determine the quality of leads yourself

- Your website can be found via many different keywords

- AdWords offers you valuable search and marketing information about your target audience

- Adwords gives you a clear overview which allows you to keep control

Technical search engine optimization

Technical optimization is often a neglected element within SEO. Yet, just like any other element, it aids the Google indexing, and thus visibility, of your website.

An effective AdWords strategy

If you want to use Google AdWords optimally, it requires a lot of time and knowledge. Don't you have this or don’t you want to spend your energy on this? Then we can help you by taking care of your Google Ads, and create an AdWords strategy that is suitable for your needs. With the right Google AdWords marketing, you have the opportunity to attract more visitors to your website. We will discuss and study your website thoroughly, so we can ensure a tailor-made strategy that matches your wishes, goals, and budget. Our online marketers have years of experience in this field and can advise and support you like no other in the field of AdWords.

Pricing of SEO and SEA

We offer various options for Search Engine Optimization and Online Advertisement.

Please select one of the options below or contact us directly for more information.

Technical optimization
One time optimization of your current website to increase the speed, make it mobile optimized and ready for google.
Media resize and optimization
Technical implementation of META tags, titles and descriptions
Minification of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Server security check
Sitemap.xml and Robots.txt creation and maintenance
Registration in Google Console
Setting up Analytics
Basic SEO
This is the basic monthly package for SEO maintenance. It will include monitoring of the items on technical optimization, and monthly activities to gradually improve your Google rating.
from €350,00(monthly)
Analysis of the website, topics and competitors
Formation of the primary core of search queries
Analytics monitoring and reporting
Meta tags, content, linking
Maintenance of the sitemap
Uptime monitoring
Advanced SEO and SEA
Advanced package for SEO and SEA maintenance. This option includes all items from the basic package, plus additional powerful tools to show you results faster.
from €550,00(monthly)
Competition and keyword monitoring
SEA. Search Engine Advertising
Ads Campaigns
Social Media Presence
Budget planning
Monthly Audits
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