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Although social media like LinkedIn appear to make business cards obsolete, they still facilitate a cheap and easy way to leave a good impression on your potential clients or business partners. The introduction meeting almost always determine whether you will meet again and handing over your business card allows you to seize the moment and convince the recipient with your business ethics. Formal, serious, and professional? Or rather informal, playful, and personal? Or perhaps even a combination of various characteristics. Whatever your card exudes, it gives you the opportunity to own the opening or closing interaction by offering a reflection of you and your organization.

Design and branding

Before you think of creating your own business card designs, it is important to have your own logo. Even better is when the design of the card fits your organization’s house style or branding identity. These elements immediately familiarize your business card recipient with your organization, and are the primary elements that make you and your organization memorable.

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Tangible experience

Another element that plays a key factor in the experience of your business card is the type of material that it is made of. This will determine the tangible aspect of your business card – the way it feels when people receive and read it. Plastic generally feels cheap, but specific types of paper have soft or firm qualities and via a process called “lamination,” you can even get distinctive structures or coatings onto your business card. During lamination, your business card will be made up of various layers, which can improve its strength, appearance, and overall consistency. Finally, if you want to go all-out, you can even have your business card made from rubber, metal, magnets, or wood.


The final element to consider is what text to put on your business card. Most important is your own name, of course, but also your function, e-mail address, phone number, and the address of your organization are common features. These days, a link to your social media page is also quite normal, and you can even use the back for a QR-code to link to an element of you or your organization that you want to give particular attention. If you work internationally a lot, keep in mind that different countries maintain different size standards. In this case, you can also use the back of your card to display a translation of the text on the front.

Your own business card

Thus, do you feel that it is time for your own business card, but would you like some assistance in the design and layout? At Rocket Minds we offer the design of business cards as a separate service, or as part of a complete branding identity. We can also redesign your current business cards if you feel that it could benefit from a fresh look or advise you on how to best go about it. Just contact us for a free introduction meeting so we can discuss in more detail the ways that you can present yourself.

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Why should I opt for a professionally designed business card?

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Why should I opt for a professionally designed business card?

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Why should I opt for a professionally designed business card?

Why should I opt for a professionally designed business card?

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